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  3. Lv70 Yuri, Onion Knight, Ashe, Kefka, Prishe, Raijin Draw

User Info: minchew91

4 weeks ago#61
Took 4 multis total to get Yuri EX. Got a dupe about tickets in chasing OK EX

Got Kefka EX after 3 tickets. I kind of want OK, but I also want to save resources...
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User Info: kupomogli

4 weeks ago#62
I didn't yet play Golbez and never got the HP requirement for Deuces lost chapter so 20 more tickets. Finally got Yuri's EX.

271 tickets, plus the 20 complete tickets from those two events plus all the tickets we've so far received for this event which I think has been 41, plus the 20 free tickets we received for the beginning of this month. I have one ticket left. Anyways, 351 tickets. Now I'll be in ticket saving mode because I don't really care about anyone else this month but the ones I'm going in on for gems.

User Info: RenegadeWolf

4 weeks ago#63
The free pulls gave me Yuri EX (already had his 15 and 35 MLB so that was nice) and Prishe EX.
It's probably gonna be a long ass time before I bother with her.
I think it's 'bout time that I ring the bell and move along.

User Info: RadicalDreamer

4 weeks ago#64
So, those free draws...
Kefka/Prishe banner : 2 Kefka’s 15CP, 1 Raijin’s 15CP, 6 silver 4* weapons... and 2 trash 3*.
Yuri/OK banner : Yuri’s 35 and everything else was 3* trash.

Trollish pulls in different ways.
Still got Prishe’s EX after a few tickets. Cool.
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User Info: tryforce

4 weeks ago#65
Free pulls
2nd banner 1/11 Kefka 15 (stone)
1st banner 2/11 Yuri 15 (stone), Yuri 35

Lots of stones
61 ticket till Yuri EX

User Info: holyknight14

4 weeks ago#66
540 tickets to get OK and Yuri EX... felt good to dump that load

User Info: roleplayingace

4 weeks ago#67
Trash on the free pulls but got Yuri's Ex from 15 tickets. I already had OK and Prishe so done.

User Info: Krio Lv3

Krio Lv3
4 weeks ago#68
I threw some of the tickets from the raid event and grabbed Yuri's Ex, I had him MLBd from the pity I had to do for Rosa so I'm quite happy about this lol, now I just have to choose who's going to DE8, and get past DE3 to get there lol.
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User Info: Bigmenace

3 weeks ago#69
Could of spent the 60 i just spent chasing ex and bought a new game lol. More bs pulls i knew it wanted me to pity..

User Info: Axel7174

3 weeks ago#70
My one year anniversary in this game is next Thursday and Prishe EX was the hot new thing right around that time. Part of me wants to pull for her just for nostalgia’s sake.
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  3. Lv70 Yuri, Onion Knight, Ashe, Kefka, Prishe, Raijin Draw
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