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User Info: starvingmarvin2

2 weeks ago#1
I wonder if i have co-oped with anyone here. It seems the stickied thread isn't as active.

Add me

lets play. i want more followers to.

User Info: RandoGamerKid

1 week ago#2
Mind if I use a bronze Faris. I would be happy to co op. Faris is my fav and meta but im new so hopefully you dont mind carrying me

5430 3269 9570 3DS FC
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Ganjablaze

1 week ago#3
Add me let's do the co op for new chaos chapter 276613904
If someone wants to add me

Where's your maker now?

User Info: Arcana123

1 week ago#5
Setzer EX+3/3 749045981
Begin with for LC Noctic
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User Info: sevihaimerej

1 week ago#6
You may have co-op-ed with me before. I always make sure to think every decision over for at least 45 seconds (brv attack+ ftw!!!) and spam confused and angry moogle stickers constantly when a teammate makes a decision I believe to be sub-optimal

User Info: SlashReturns

1 week ago#7
Hmm i suppose I wouldn't mind more co-op buds

Kign Typo

PSN: DarkDragoon29, 3DS FC: 4141-4223-3540
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