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User Info: p3pdrake

2 weeks ago#71
Damn she already looks great
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User Info: kupomogli

2 weeks ago#72
Nokami posted...
The Aranea vrs Leo has another interesting facet that people over look. If Aranea can act as a Leo kind of replacement you have the option of skipping Leo's banner and pulling for Leo when you pull for Cater who is just insane.
Or think about this. Aranea and Leo in the same party. Delays for days.

User Info: RandoGamerKid

2 weeks ago#73
Is Aranea actually that broken. Convince me
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User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
2 weeks ago#74
I will say, I do not like that helmet one bit.
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User Info: Snorlax_exlax

2 weeks ago#75
Dinah713 posted...
who says they can't do another one? This game is going nowhere and is doing extremely well.
not sure if you have LD confused with BT

everyone is getting an LD, but BT is at a distribution rate of 2 per month, which will pretty much only cover primary protagonists/antagonists for a long time

beyond that, it will probably be time for like...Lv90 characters and 8* gear
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User Info: AuraBurqa

2 weeks ago#76
Yeah, they stated that BTs are for the main protagonist (hero) and antagonist (villain) of each game. And with that, we still haven't even gotten one for a spin-off/prequel/sequel game. So until someone like Zack, Yuna, Ramza, etc. get one, we won't even know if they are included (I'm assuming they will be).

As for Aranea, she is neither the main hero or villain, and as such, she won't get a Burst unless they are eventually released for everyone which will be WAY into the future. We are only getting 2 Bursts a month and still need one for:

Garland, Firion, Emperor, OK, CoD, P/D.Cecil, Golbez, Bartz, Exdeath, Terra, Cloud, Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Zidane, Tidus, Jecht, Kam'lanaut, Vayne, Lightning, Caius and Y'shtola.

That's 21 and does not include a villain for XIV, T, T-0, WoFF, Zack, Vincent, Yuna, Serah, Ramza, Ace, Layle, Amidatelion and Lann & Reynn. That's up to 34 BTs (35 if both Cecils get one) we still need. At our current rate, that's 17-18 more months until they finish all main heroes/villains which is 1 1/2 years.
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User Info: ChronoEXE

2 weeks ago#77
Any guesses as to who her bannermates are?

I'm going with Leon and Beatrix w/ EX+. A stretch, I know. In FFRK her Air Superiority is a dark and lightning attack.

User Info: Octalegs

2 weeks ago#78
Her ex seems to be a fast cast, not normal. So it should be up after 2 skill uses (after the initial ex). Those skill counts will be gone very quickly without refund/free skill so hopefully she gets something from her ex to help with her longevity. Her turn delay doesn't add team battery so I'm not sure why people are comparing her to Leo. Leo's delay deals much more damage with huge team battery...

User Info: WafflePower

2 weeks ago#79
ChronoEXE posted...
Any guesses as to who her bannermates are?

I'm going with Leon and Beatrix w/ EX+. A stretch, I know. In FFRK her Air Superiority is a dark and lightning attack.
One of them should be Beatrix, with or without her EX+. I’d be good with either.
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User Info: Octalegs

2 weeks ago#80
Characters like Beatrix/Prompto shouldn't get ex+ now because they have their own LC for that. The banner mate who'll get ex+ should be someone that already had LC in the Cosmos era. Another possibility is that there's no second ex+ here.
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