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User Info: Pwnstar

6 days ago#21
Vanille (x2) and Faris, didnt have enough resources by then.
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User Info: jeremykun29

6 days ago#22
I think Lilisette EX was the only one that I really wanted but whiffed. Was only using tickets, though.
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User Info: TitanOxide

6 days ago#23
Roninmog posted...
I whiffed on squall so many times I lost count and I'm just talking about his 35cp.
Same. f***ing. Story.
Every banner he was on I threw at least 15k at and didn't get it until his 60 awakening.

As of right now, the only thing I can think of is missing Balthier's EX. I regretted skipping Agrias the first time and was prepared to pity for her LC.
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Beatrix. I missed some others that I tried for (e.g., but I eventually got them at another time). Beatrix was the only character I went all in for and failed to get, and that was because she came before the pity system.
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Setzer, twice
I really like Setzer but both times had no gems and didn't get his EX with tickets

User Info: Kowalls

6 days ago#26
I missed some of my fave characters EX (which drove 90% of my pulls) but I ended up getting them the second time around.

The only character that is one of my favorite characters who I missed out on the EX that I desperately wanted os Aerith. Surprisingly I have everyone else gear (faves, not meta.).

So Aerith is the one and only who got away and I want it to come back and soon soooooo much!

User Info: ellis123

6 days ago#27
Really only ever missed 35's. Since really getting into the EX era I've always gone in with the mind of heavy saving into guaranteeing all of the ones that I want and thus I've never missed out on a single EX that I actually had any real interest in (I don't really count the ones that come from banners that I only put tickets into for Power Stone purposes). This, however, meant that I spent a large portion of the 35CP era never spending gems and mostly not touching tickets as I knew I'd need them for the coming EX -> EX+ era. Because of this despite trying to get their stuffs when they first showed up with tickets I whiffed on Zack and Seph's 35CP's and never really got to use them during their initial run (which basically killed using Seph for me as that was the only time I planned using him).
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Missed several including Quistis, Vayne and Beatrix. I also missed my favourite Aerith as I couldn't pity at the time. Now going to make sure I have 75k for when she returns in I think May.

User Info: Dinosquash

6 days ago#29
in this order: (that i actually cared about nyways)
Recently Yuffie

i have come to realize that i need to save up to pity the ones that i want, instead of farming whil banner are actuve and missing them on the last 2 pulls or some s*** like that
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User Info: Ganjablaze

6 days ago#30
I wonder how many ppl will let aranea slip away
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