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User Info: Ganjablaze

1 week ago#11
ericomgwthpwned posted...
565 total tickets for Ignis EX.... and didn't get it.
Damn RIP bro

User Info: kupomogli

1 week ago#12
I didn't start, or atleast restart because I only played a short while when it launched, until the EX era during Agrias' event. But from that time until the EX+ era my ticket luck was straight garbage. I literally only got Lightning, Cloud, Ashe, Porom, Ramza, Sherlotta, and Leon off tickets(seriously.) Everything else was gems and after my first pity I never used gems without 75k.

So I missed a lot, however I got everything I really wanted as I saved gems specifically for them. Ramza, Porom, and Cloud are the only ones I really wanted off tickets but I could have missed them and I've had been okay.

In the EX+ era I missed Barret, Celes, and Basch, but my ticket luck changed drastically as I've got more characters in this last month off tickets than I've ever got since my entire time playing the game. I still don't spend gems on characters unless I really want them so you couldn't really count the characters I spent tickets on as one's I really want to get(except maybe the Barret with 324 initial tickets and 400+ overall,) but as a Final Fantasy fan I kind of want everyone I like, which is well.... a lot, so the ones I picked up off tickets are nice grabs regardless. I've got characters that I didn't necessarily want, and only Ignis is a character that I wanted but didn't know I wanted. I don't care for FF15 and since FF15 has a garbage storyline, there was no story in the game to get me to care about the characters, but after spending time with a fully built character he's top tier support character that I wanted but didn't actually know I wanted.

User Info: RandoGamerKid

1 week ago#13
Only one i truly missed and tried was Barret EX. I dont pity so if its going on 10+ pulls and no EX I just call it a loss and move on.

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User Info: Hatemachine25

1 week ago#14
So far I've been really lucky, I've managed to get just about everyone's EX that I cared for & managed it via just hopping from one banner/event to the next, passing on some & dedicating 2-3 banners worth of gems & tickets to a single banner with something I wanted badly.

Gets really bad sometimes, like with Sephiroths EX release, finally got it like 2 days before it was going to vanish & only then by pure luck with a 500 gem pull because I was in Fugit mode, same with selphie & Serahs EX were the only pity pulls I've ever done because I quit for awhile pre summer last year for 3 months missing Golbez, Barret & a few others but had a monster stash of gems I hadn't spent & had a few events running when I came back with nothing to spend them on for awhile I had a pretty big glut of tickets & gems to work with.

Otherwise just regrets towards pitys for Selphie & Serah, Selphie is great as is Serah, but they weren't worth missing out on Zack's EX the first time around, or skipping WoL & Noctis whom I could've pulled for but didn't.
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User Info: Tempusfinis97

1 week ago#15
Seymour EX was the one I really, really wanted but didn't get. Won't happen a second time tho. After Aranea, it's pure hoarding time.
no one when i really started the pity system was in place so i always made sure i had enough resources to get anyone i really wanted
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User Info: ZenTea

1 week ago#17
Ashe EX I really wanted it but didn’t have the resources at the time. Tickets only and didn’t get it.
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User Info: Krentaris

6 days ago#18
Nobody, since once I start pulling I don't tend to stop until I get what I'm going for. I've also been lucky when it really counts (Beatrix).

I have had to skip on a few people I would otherwise have liked due to resources though. Leon and Porom come to mind.

victorsoh posted...
Curious (because I started on 30th May 2019), did GL receive Pity during Leon's Event (above)?
I think it was the awakenings, I forget who was featured. Leon only got his EX when his LC came out.
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User Info: Krio Lv3

Krio Lv3
6 days ago#19
I aimed for golbez and sephiroph during their first run and didn't get their ex's, but I got them on a few tickets each recently. And I did actively use all my tickets to try and get Faris and failed.

I have a policy that, with few exceptions, I don't use any more tickets if I get one ex off of a double ex banner, because, and this may sound silly, but I don't want my luck wasted on dupes that could have gone to another banner xD. So due to this, I've missed out on:
Balthiers Ex because I got Cait's.
Tifas ex because I got Barrett's.
And Eikos ex because I got Sephirophs.

Now, I made an exception for yuffie and Bartz banner and got both within 40 tickets, so I wanted to make an exception for Eiko as well, and got sephirophs ex a second time after mlbing it, so at that point I was done. I now have 640 tickets because I've been planning my pulls since the ex+ era started, so I only use gems for pity and up until now have ignored other characters that could have been good at the time but outside of that weren't must pulls, save for Emperor, who I used tickets for because when Aranea was announced that was an extra pity that my math didn't account for, I luckily got all his gear in 40ish tickets.
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User Info: igor140

6 days ago#20
it wasn't really RNG's fault, but beatrix beatrix beatrix. i joined this game a week after her banner was pulled down...

... or at least, that's what i tell myself. it's quite possible that it was UP, but i was new enough that i didn't understand the banner system.

as far as ones that actually got away... there were a couple 35s that i had to buy from the token store (ignis most recently) even after i pulled the rest of their it. but i don't consider that a huge problem.
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