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User Info: Krio Lv3

Krio Lv3
1 week ago#11
IMO (Based only on what I've seen and who I currently remember):

Ultimecia, Emperor, Y'shtola, Rosa, Serah, Zack (These characters are essentially always good no matter where you go unless the enemy relies on a shenanigan that shut them down, like one of the DE's having enemies that are outright immune to debuffs making Sarah useless.)

Sephiroth, Warrior of Light, Ignis, Tifa, Cloud (These are essentially your best choices if you don't grab the above right now, each does their job really well, but are just a little worse than the above.)

Setzer, Agrias, Lilisette, Sherlotta, King, Swolbez, Faris, Vanille, Eight. (Like below but useful a lot more often, these characters can shut down some fights but aren't as useful in many others.)

Rem, Barret, Bartz, Yuna, Cait Sith, Yuffie, Celes, Balthier. (These characters are great in very particular situations but aren't useful in most content when compared to everyone else).

Locke, Machina, Garland, Deuce, Tidus, Squall. (Most people here don't get free skill uses, or just don't do their job as well as other do with less effort).

Sabin (Unlike most characters, his Ex does not add to stacks and instead depletes them, has no decent way to build them save for using skills or Brv Attack+.)
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User Info: igor140

1 week ago#12
my unsolicited opinion on this matter, for those who didn't ask. FWIW, these are the realizable EXs i have. not all of them are realized, and the vast majority of them have zero ingots invested. my strategy is to collect as many EXs as possible to build out what i need when i need it/ have the resources for it.

emperor (no question)
rosa (queen of buffs)
y'shtola (no question)
zack (yep)

ultimecia (easy argument for bumping her up, but she takes three turns to get started)
tifa (one trick pony, but it's a VERY good trick)
cloud (only this high because of his utility. i still say his damage is "ok" and his speed is a liability)
agrias (still the go-to for damage and paralyzing)
setzer (i wonder if they didn't make a mistake packing this much DPT into a utility character...)
vanille (magical faris... with battery... and buffing... )
ignis (i may well bump him up to S in a couple days after finishing his build and testing him some more)
sephrioth (barely in this category. his only real selling point is his EX, which is fairly slow)

faris (on the upper end of the scale; arguably the lower end of the A tier)
krile (damage lags a bit, but EXTREMELY good battery, and i expect her buff to help a lot soon)
celes (i REALLY want her to be higher. her damage is actually good... but her tanking is situational)
seven (does more damage than most in the A tier, but that's all she does)
lilisette (poor-man's vanille, but with no dispelling)
serah (definitely ranked higher if you have her perfect artifacts... but how many have those?)
bartz (i REALLY wanted to like him more... but he still has his uses)
WoL (he's dropped a notch or three in my book now that chaos bosses ignore his shield)
king (i know others rank him higher, but i think they're only remembering the big hits, not the 3 crappy ones in between)
eiko (i think i would like her more if she had either better direct healing or her EX was stronger)

yuna (poor man's... everything. great all-round, but there is always some one better)
ace (not as bad as this ranking implies, he's just out-shined so badly by so many others)
basch (when you need him, you need him... otherwise mediocre damage and situational tanking)
rem (i would have put her in the B tier... until yesterday. ignis simply makes her obsolete.)
fang (i really want her to be ranked higher... but she just can't hang)
kimahri (i like his kit... it's just fairly weak)
tidus (meh)
squall (i really wanted him to be good too. his S1 and S2 just do so little damage)
locke (a thief would have been useful... but he's a treasure hunter : / )
eight (he does ok damage in preparation of doing really good damage on 1/3 of the enemies turns... sometimes)
machina (his counter isn't as impressive as eight's, but everything else about him is)
vaan (if he didn't have to burn two turns using skills just to get started, i would definitely rank him higher. good damage.)

deuce (i actually like her... she is just out-performed on so many fronts these days)
zell (blech)

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User Info: TitanOxide

1 week ago#13
I find it absolutely hilarious it took 12 posts for someone to bring up Zell. xD
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User Info: ellis123

1 week ago#14
TitanOxide posted...
I find it absolutely hilarious it took 12 posts for someone to bring up Zell. xD

That said it's pretty telling that he brought up Zell but forgot Sherlotta and we're still at zero mentions of Firion.
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User Info: TitanOxide

1 week ago#15
ellis123 posted...
She doesn't have EX+ though.
I guess for Firion is because he really wasn't memorable? At least Zell is so bad I was looking for him from the start.
Aranea is the best Final Fantasy character! Change my mind!

User Info: ellis123

1 week ago#16
TitanOxide posted...
She doesn't have EX+ though.
I guess for Firion is because he really wasn't memorable? At least Zell is so bad I was looking for him from the start.
Lets be real, she is waaay better than almost the entirety of characters with EX+. Even if she doesn't have it she deserves to be on this sort of tier list and has shown up on all of them but Igor's for a reason.
"A shouted order to do something of dubious morality with an unpredictable outcome? Thweeet!"
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User Info: kupomogli

1 week ago#17
Krentaris posted...
That's kind of interesting. Looking at your list, I largely agree (except I would put Tifa and Serah in A, Zack in S, and Machina in C) but I also know a lot of those characters can do a lot better in the right team, also like Machina, Rem and Bartz.

I guess it goes to show that rating characters in isolation is pretty difficult. Maybe I'll throw one together soon.
The S tier characters are those that are beyond powerful. Ultimecia and Emperor have no comparison in terms of damage, and when it comes to supports, Y'shtola and Rosa offer so much with their kits, again, no comparison. Sure they're not damage dealers, but they're more useful in any situation than the other characters below.

Now, why I didn't bump Zack into that tier is well, yes, Zack offers his shield which can withstand pretty much everything especially if paired with Rosa, but we're more than capable of dealing with the battles without his shield. Warrior of Light is just as beneficial as Zack in certain areas despite his worse damage because how he gives protection for everyone, as there are still a lot of attack all attacks that can hit a party member then exponentially increase brave afterwards. Same reason I left Setzer is A/B, pretty much low A, high B. He's got amazing versatility, good damage, possibly the best longevity due his fast EX+, but the problem with that and his biggest problem is how incredibly low his potencies are when the enemy isn't broken. If paired with Lilisette his damage potencies jump back to crazy high overpowered, but then you need a healer, meaning that you're going to have yet another support or mixed support.

Machina being D rank, I really tried to find a party combination that would put him above, but despite building a party combo around his specific strengths to make sure he's dealing as much as he can and gets the most damage out of his turns, he still hits lower than all other characters in this recent Chaos. If we add other better characters as attack characters along with him, those characters are carrying him and he's incapable of carrying a battle as good as any other attack character is as a sole damage dealer with mixed supports alongside him, mixed supports specifically tailored to suit his skillset. I tried multiple battle combations, and repeated these battles without anyone but a single dedicated attack user to sort of gauge really how well this character performed with other characters but how much did they actually push the battle rather than how much did they really get carried.


Oh and Serah, I don't have her perfect arts, so that could be why she doesn't seem as good to me. She's definitely not quite as bad as she could be as I do have three debuff and attack boost, but they're not paired with anything good.
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User Info: RandoGamerKid

1 week ago#18
Faris is F

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User Info: victorsoh

1 week ago#19
For those who are lazy, below is Altema's pov (for reference):
  • Month 3~4 from https://www.reddit.com/r/DissidiaFFOO/comments/dmep91/dffoo_ex_system_transitions_in_the_tier_list_in/
  • where (SS*, SS, SS/S, S) is replaced with (S, A, A/B, B)




Cait Sith
Dark Cecil
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User Info: Krentaris

1 week ago#20
Let me see. Based on who I've used and how I feel about them, my current standings would look something like:

Ultimecia, Emperor, Rosa, Y'shtola, Zack

WoL, Rem, Golbez, King, Tifa, Serah, Vanille

Cloud, Sephiroth, Eiko, Agrias, Eight, Sherlotta, Bartz

Lilisette, Krile, Kuja, Ace, Machina

Haven't used Ignis enough to form an opinion, he's still 0/3 too. I feel like he belongs in A somewhere.

Some of these placements were difficult. Serah is a very strong A, but I feel like she doesn't quite reach S at least not anymore. But she's arguably been useful for longer than most of the people on this list, same goes for WoL.

Sephiroth's EX is his main weakness in damage dealing compared to King and Golbez. He also doesn't really have much of a gimmick (vs. King's free turns and Golbez's imperil), hence the lower rank. Cloud on the other hand may be B now, but he's still useful in some situations, and he was an A-S for the early times for sure.

Eiko is an oddity, she has the potential to do very strong damage by support standards but also needs her own support to get there - a reliance on generic buffs also restricts her most optimal team comps. On the other hand, her buff extensions give her a fairly unique niche. I feel like I want to try using her with Vayne, but maybe I'll be using Hope by then. Eight is probably an A in some fights, it all revolves around his counter.

Bartz is another one quite reliant on team comp to perform well, but he can absolutely do it if you give him the right partners. Zack/Rosa/Bartz is a lot of fun with all the overflow. Without support himself though, he's highly underwhelming. Sherlotta I feel could also stretch to an A in the right team still. Despite there being a fairly clear sense of some characters being stronger than others, team comp is still the most important aspect I think.
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