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User Info: HatchetRyda

1 week ago#1
He's the "mystery " character that we get on the 24th and haven't heard much talk about this guy. Looked at Rems Database and he's a party healer but if I was reading right he counters the enemy when a party member is attacked by HP or BRV. Also if I was reading correctly using his 1st skill locks his 2nd and cant be used for 3 turns. Is this correct? Is this along with all his attacks including hp/brv being earth element the reason why nobody's really been talking about this guy?

User Info: Ganjablaze

1 week ago#2
He probably gets overshadowed like 90% of our roster right now.
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User Info: Ssvegetto2

1 week ago#3
He is sadly nothing too special thats why the current Meta basically overshadows him.

User Info: Krentaris

1 week ago#4
I don’t know myself, as I didn’t play JP. But from what I’ve seen, he can do heavy damage, but only against multiple enemies. The fewer enemies, the weaker the counters will seem. Same as his EX, it hits like a truck, but since it’s AoE BRV hits, if it’s single target it won’t seem impressive.

I’m going to guess there’s an element of “why should I pull for Gau when Emperor already does it better?” But that doesn’t mean he’s bad if he’s used in the right circumstances.
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User Info: HatchetRyda

1 week ago#5
Who else is on that banner?

User Info: megages03

1 week ago#6
HatchetRyda posted...
Who else is on that banner?
Gau, Terra, Selphie(non-EX)

User Info: Loinator

1 week ago#7
He needs a very good LD to be usefull... On global. Easy pass.
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User Info: kupomogli

1 week ago#8
If you pay attention to Gau's kit, they pretty much fu**ed him with his EX+. Giving him a book does absolutely nothing because you're always going to want to be in either Lifeshaver or Catscratch in the first place, meaning that the BRV+ and HP+ that he earns is completely useless.

His first ingot gives him a meager 20% ATK/mBRV. And right there is where you need to stop. He works best 3/3 clearly, but he doesn't gain much from going 3/3. He has quite possibly one of the worst EX+ upgrades I've seen. I don't even know why I'm going to be going for him, but yeah, I'm going to be going for him.

User Info: megages03

1 week ago#9
* DPS that can fulfill the healing role and is especially effective against multiple enemies
* Is fast but this is a demerit as his counters only last 3 turns and cannot be extended
* Earth element
* **A E A** Spheres
* Only non-dodge based HP counter in the game
* Only counter-based healing in the game* Has great counters but not reliant on them to fulfill roles
* Does not need EX despite releasing in the EX+ era!

kupomogli posted...
I don't even know why I'm going to be going for him, but yeah, I'm going to be going for him.
There is a glimmer of potential as their always is with meta-queer characters. His counters are good and hit decently hard but his lack of party auras means there are only a handful of none healing support that you would even want to pair with him like Ramza, Apmhau(who gets healing in the future anyway), Sazh and...I think that's it, that is every none healing support. Like Cid(FFVII) before him, a healing DPS just doesn't work, you can't truly compress the job roles unless you go all in like with Kimahri's new kit post LD. Gau needed longer lasting counters or to counter attacks that miss, either of those changes would have pushed him up in utility.
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User Info: Bigmenace

1 week ago#10
He is a good support for farming. Used him a few times as friend in jp.
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