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User Info: TBD2009

1 month ago#61
[Turns: 80, HP Lost: 0, Breaks: 5, Score: 693,000]
Team: Rosa, Zack, and Aranea (all 3/3 EX+ & maxed summon boards), Brothers summon with Aranea friend.

Pretty straight forward. Use skills as necessary in wave one, keep boss locked on Zack, use HP++ as often as you can. Try not to get broken too much.

Aranea has a nice exploit if you go S2 > AA > S2, to get three consecutive turns. I abused it in the final half of wave two, to shave down the boss.

Rosa + Zack ensured I didn't have to worry about much, beyond keeping safe from Insta-death attacks.

Another Chaos completed before the event is over.
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User Info: Bigmenace

1 month ago#62

User Info: asukaten

1 month ago#63
655k in 94 turns.


Zack 3/3
Cloud 3/3
Y'shtola 3/3
Friend Setzer 3/3
Summon Leviathan
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User Info: LunaticHigh

1 month ago#64
650k~ in 88 Turns


Celes 3/3
Ultimecia 3/3
Rosa 3/3
Friend Aranea 3/3
Summon Ifrit

Blind run, very straightforward, wasted a few turns, calling in a friend support is not necessary, had a fair amount of skill uses left on each characters S1 and S2.

User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
1 month ago#65
Always last minute.

I was actually too conservative. I had a few skill uses left on everybody and didn't use my friend unit.

Zack 3/3, Tifa 3/3, Y'shtola 3/3. Friend Setzer. Brothers.
773333 score. 84 turns. 0 damage (only took damage once and it was healed back).
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User Info: Llyr

1 month ago#66
Is ist only me Or does no one use noctus here?

Aranea. All (3/3)
Friend Golbez And Summon Brothers

80 turns and 810k with Dome Skills left.

last Minute Runs sucks
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