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King and Yshtola Duo


User Info: HatchetRyda

1 week ago#42
TheMyth posted...
3/3 refers to ex+ level. The 15/35 weapons are assumed to be mlb'd and the ex has been mlb'd, realized with a book and 3 ingots to purple the weapon. As for chaos strategy keep trying, most of the players who post scores have played for a long time. Yuna and Setzer are both solid units but will require more to beat Chaos.
I've seen to many characters with EX purple and no 15 or 35 passives

User Info: igor140

1 week ago#43
HatchetRyda posted...
I've seen to many characters with EX purple and no 15 or 35 passives
as the song says:

everybody knows
that the world is full of stupid people
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User Info: Evening_Mog

1 week ago#44
Rosa,Yshtola,Emperor-All 3/3

The Kraken is more harder than the Doggo
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User Info: DuddyTheClown

1 week ago#45
King , Rosa , Ysh + friend Setzer , Ramuh

75 turns , 746k Score

easy peasy , 99k Rapid Bullets ftw

User Info: Krentaris

1 week ago#46
I retried this with King/Rosa/WoL + Tifa friend after I got my King fully purpled and boarded up.
64 turns, 901k.

It surprised me how much damage King can do. If I use Pray / Shining Shield to leave the breaks for King to abuse his free turns, hitting for 120k+ in one turn without the EX is not unusual, thanks to the BRV regen. Especially if WoL has his AA active. Same story outside of synergy too, the numbers are just a bit smaller.

Ulti and Emperor are obviously broken, but I've been enjoying using King and Golbez too.
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User Info: PedraoManzon

1 week ago#47
Wanted to see if a full synergy team would do the trick on this one.
Golbez and King 3/3 and, yes, Quistis with Golbez and Shiva.

635K in 83 turns (I guess).
I really can't believe I was able to complete it using a lvl 60 character.
Also King is a damn machine gun. You can spam skills with him and he do not run out of then.

My experiences so far with full synergy teams were just disasters. Auron's LC was the "best".
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: cityyankee24

1 week ago#48
Trying to see if budget runs work, just for kicks. Always missing a mission an obj for a perfect.

Brothers and friend Golbez for these:
Ramza, Ysh, Sherlotta was short on score, all else complete

Decil, Ysh, Sherlotta was 5 turns over but made score and all else.
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User Info: RavingSwoobat

1 week ago#49
Used Eight (3/3), Rosa (2/3), and Golbez(3/3) with Y'shtola support and Levi Summon.

Played it a bit safe on the Kraken, because Stone delay used on you is annoying. Golbez was on Brv Atk duty because the boss seemed to like targeting him more. But, it was beautiful when the enemy is targeting Eight. Only used Y'shtola at the last turn because I didn't want the boss to target Rosa. Almost ran out of skills with Eight tho.... his speed really works against him most of the time. Most of his turns were used to Brv+ then Lightspeed+ until I needed to use his S1/S2 to refresh his buffs. And S3 to extend his EX buff.

Probably could get a higher score, but I am not fond of the Kraken.
Zack joins Eight Chaos. Surprised he’s hitting above average damage. Shield unbreakable. 707k
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