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User Info: Loinator

2 months ago#21
900k with Eight, Ysh and Tifa. Shiva+Tifa.

999k is possible but requires RNG for Eight to be attacked more. Meh
I finish ALL MH games using just Lances. Every Boss. Every Quest. Yeah. Since begin. Yeah o/.

User Info: Squall_L

2 months ago#22
Pretty easy Chaos even without synergy, went full battery+launches team

Tifa 3/3
Y'shtola 3/3
Rosa 3/3

Friend:Golbez (but not used at all cause I forgot)

User Info: O-rion

2 months ago#23
I picked a blast from the past and went with Kuja, King and WoL. Golbez friend and Shiva. Thought wave 1 would be two bosses and holy weakness sounded good for Kuja in the last wave.

Complete with 665k.
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User Info: KeeperOfShadows

2 months ago#24
Eight, Eiko, Sherlotta
80 turns, 700k score
Setzer friend, Brothers summon

User Info: dudeitscool

2 months ago#25
I've been paying close attention to people and their clear lists....interesting I've seen certain people literally always with 3/3 on every new character...do you really have nothing else to spend money on?

Sorry but if I were rich (the excuse many use to justify it) a mobile game would be beneath my time.
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User Info: eoddel

2 months ago#26
Golbez, Rosa, Vanille
Friend Tifa
78 turns, 0 HP lost, 10 breaks

Um... Does this guy EVER HP attack?

User Info: HatchetRyda

2 months ago#27
I didnt get turn count or score but I beat it 112 turns and was probably the 1st chaos I didnt have to gem. Seph, WoL, Rosa. I didnt use Eight because no summon boards and not 3/3.

User Info: LuminousAndroid

2 months ago#28
I completed this using this team:

Eight EX+ 3/3
Y'shtola EX+ 3/3
Golbez EX+ 3/3
Brothers summon
Cloud friend that I didn't use
691358 in 81 turns

User Info: Krentaris

2 months ago#29
Initial clear

Golbez/Rosa/Sherlotta + Brothers + Tifa friend
72 turns, 738888 score, 8 breaks (can't make this up)

Got a bit sketchy on the end, everyone was running dry, but Sherlotta's AA saved Golbez from getting broken so he could finish off the boss, lol.
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User Info: Hlz321

2 months ago#30
Celes, Tifa, Y'shtola, all EX+ 3/3, Brothers, Golbez FS
84 turns
746k score
no HP damage taken

Pretty easy even without synergy
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