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User Info: Ganjablaze

2 weeks ago#11
^Lol I feel ya bruh

User Info: Bigmenace

2 weeks ago#12
Golbez is the answer.. he is synergy with eight. Give in to the darkness and keep yshtola as support..

User Info: EcksdeeSD

2 weeks ago#13
Eight/Y'shtola/Tifa Support Tifa
Summon : Brothers
turns : 85 Score : 737882
as long as you dont get broken i think you should have a smooth run.
Score Run. King, Tifa, Yshtola, Shiva, Tifa 980k

User Info: TheMyth

2 weeks ago#15
Rosa, Ulti, Celes all purple. Setzer friend and Ifrit. 78 turns 0 breaks 0 hp lost 746k score. When applicable this is one of my favorite teams.
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Got everything except the score using Golbez, Y'shtola and Tifa with Golbez friend. Probably would've gotten a full clear except for two factors.
1. The Sand Kraken killed Tifa in the first wave.
2. My friend Golbez took HP damage from Light Ray right before he was set to be dismissed, so Y'sh had no time to heal him.
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User Info: Vash1306

2 weeks ago#17
Team: Eight (3/3), Golbez (3/3), Y'shtola (3/3)
Friend: Eight (Didn't Use)
Summon: Brothers
Score: 647 Turns: 84

User Info: Solidus456

2 weeks ago#18
Seph, Rosa and wol

Towards the end my team was on life support... wol went down and so i had to make do with rosa/seph. Although no gem revives, this is one of my worst runs in a while. Got 100 gems for completing....no other goal was met lool.

I plan to try this again

User Info: Krio Lv3

Krio Lv3
2 weeks ago#19
I'm gonna try again but I used Cloud, Agrias and Rosa and got nothing but the no kos. Took 130 turns lol.
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User Info: Octalegs

2 weeks ago#20
999k Done! Using the exact same team as the initial team I posted earlier (King, Tifa, Yshtola). Just better management of Tifa's launch and King's free turn. Next run will be no synergy run.

Vid is up: https://youtu.be/LHoHmMMvR1g
(edited 2 weeks ago)
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