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User Info: cityyankee24

3 weeks ago#1
Was waiting to see who'd throw this up, anyway.

W/ Synergy:
Golbez 3/3, Setzer 3/3, Rosa 3/3 + Setzer friend + Brothers

No synergy:
Ultimecia 3/3, Y'sh 3/3, Sherlotta + Golbez friend + Brothers

Tried a budget run, went too many turns, but it's a clear. Friend Sherlotta might able to double nuke this thing for a complete on this squad.... but they're rare now:
Y'sh 3/3, Porom, Sherlotta + Golbez Friend + Brothers

Have fun!
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User Info: p3pdrake

3 weeks ago#2
Y'sh, Rosa, Tifa all 3/3 + Brothers summon + Sephiroth friend 650k, 76 turns

idk what causes them to counter with the huge HP attack exactly but that ruined my first run and let me miss the score the first time :c it's all safe if Y'shtola is the one targetted though.
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User Info: sephirothkalibo

3 weeks ago#3
King, Rosa, WoL0/3, 835k No support
This stage is much smoother with Tank. WoL and Rosa means unbreakable shield.

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User Info: Octalegs

3 weeks ago#6
Initial Clear 925k feat. King

3/3 King, 3/3 Tifa, 3/3 Yshtola, Brothers, Tifa friend:


My second attempt got me 941k so I think this can certainly go higher and hopefully to 999k. I'll update later. Good luck!

User Info: Bigmenace

3 weeks ago#7
Wol 1/3 yshtola 3/3 golbez 2/3 friend tifa brothers summon 95 turns lol too close.. 606k. Lots of chases.
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User Info: SleepingKnight

3 weeks ago#8
Eight EX+ 3/3, Rosa EX+ 3/3 and WoL EX+ 1/3, Brothers Summon, Tifa EX+ 3/3https://gamefaqs1.cbsistatic.com/user_image/7/0/8/AAeL9mAAAKbU.jpg
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User Info: RandoGamerKid

3 weeks ago#9
Golbez Emp Ysh

Leviathan (lol) Friend Golbez

90 turns. 20k above score. Not super tight but I done goofed. Had skills left again
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User Info: kupomogli

3 weeks ago#10
Time for me to post how this game Dissidia Meta Damage Omnia over anything. Despite how easy this battle was, you have more than one character who doesn't deal better than average damage and your run is f***ed before it's even started.

103 turns with Bartz, Y'shtola, and Eight, didn't use the friend character, accidentally left it as Ramuh summon. The battle was extremely easy, that wasn't the issue, it was that Y'shtola and Bartz weren't really dealing the damage they needed to. Bartz had no problem breaking the enemy if needed, Y'shtola could just delay him for either Bartz or Eight to break him. Boosted, Eight was dealing 80k everytime he dropped his brave off.



I'm not trying to be a di**, it just comes naturally. All I want is some balance and you'd think a character that's two weeks old and is a attack/support can deal enough damage to make him viable but looks like I have to go back and grab overpowered Cloud or Ultimecia again to shave off 20-30 turns in damage. Who cares if he can break an enemy every single turn if he can't deal damage. I can just bring Cloud, Ultimecia, etc, they can all break targets too,
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