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User Info: Krentaris

2 weeks ago#51
igor140 posted...
same party: bartz/ tifa/ rosa

everything was going well... until the end. turns out once you get him below ~25% HP in his second phase, he learns a new move where he auto-batteries to 57000 BRV and then OHKOs the whole party. he did this to me 3 times. rosa's prayer did it's job, but it still took me 128 turns, i took 27055 damage, and got a score of zero.

**** this one too.
Honestly, I'm sort of with you on this one. First time I blasted through it with double Golbez and ended up with 560k score or something. I never saw Bright Ray even once.

So I decide to record a run, get it to red health and then get BTFO. I wasn't thinking so instead of resetting the wave I threw away 20 mins worth of video. If that wasn't bad enough, the same thing happens a SECOND time. I saw in the attack description that it can only use it "when its BRV is lower than INT BRV". I thought cool, I'll let it recover from break, but nope, it STILL uses it.

Then the last time I bring in a Setzer friend to make sure it doesn't get the chance to damage me, but then it never uses it. It's one thing if it's telegraphed, but an instant, unblockable party KO is pretty BS.
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User Info: igor140

2 weeks ago#52
well, i consider myself in good company, then. i have long since resigned myself to the fact that i like the theorycraft of this game more than the game itself... and i'm ok with that. i don't have much time to invest, and i spent 3 hrs tonight running two CHAOS runs... and i'm done.

i got my crafting mats, and that's good enough for me.


Krentaris posted... I saw in the attack description that it can only use it "when its BRV is lower than INT BRV".
i saw that too... but i didn't really understand that that means. logically, wouldn't that be almost every turn if you're keeping the thing broken? so when it didn't use it throughout 90% of the battle, i just kind of forgot about/ ignored it. i still don't know what you could possibly do to avoid it other than summon ~25% HP and burst it down ASAP. i blew my summon early when i got into a tight spot in the turn order.
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User Info: xcaliblur

2 weeks ago#53
Non Synergy team since I skipped the banner

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User Info: Franzise_D

1 week ago#54
Gobbles/Tiffy/Rose, Shiva, Tiffy friend

Pretty easy with Vader but I can see how it could be annoying brave-shaving near the end without, probably really want Bartz in that case
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Golbez/Sephiroth/Y'shtola Setzer friend

This must have been an easy one because Completed it on the first try and I can never Complete anything this era.

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User Info: BigG777

1 week ago#56
140 ish turns but I got everything else including the score.

Agrias 3/3
Tifa 3/3
WoL 2/3

Seph friend

Ugh this is what I hate about chaos. If I use too many abilities and run out I’m screwed and if I try to ration them by spamming HP+ I pass the turn limit.
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User Info: kawalimus

1 week ago#57
Really hate spending 15 minutes cruising, messing up once and then having to start the entire thing f***ing over again. Ugh

User Info: Puniard

1 week ago#58
Golbez, Y'shtola & Basch. All 3/3, Shiva summon, Golbez support.

97 turns
0 HP lost
5 breaks
Double Golbez EX at full brv during summon just destroyed this enemy! I still can't belive how much damage they did during that summon! Golbez is a monster...
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User Info: TBD2009

1 week ago#59
[Turns: 106, HP Lost: 17,298, Breaks: 13, Score: 394,368]

Team: Golbez, Tifa, Y'shtola. All EX+ 3/3 with all Summon Boards mastered. Shiva summon and Golbez friend.

I'll be honest, I went in without a strategy, and barely managed a win. I ran out of skills around turn 95, and only survived because my friend Golbez got nuked (at turn zero) and Y'shtola had max HP to trigger last stand (had my EX ready for her next turn to heal after that AoE HP spam down). If my Golbez had died too, I'd have failed the conditions and only got a clear.

But I did get the complete on my first attempt, so that was nice. Another Chaos complete just before the rewards went away. Yay!
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User Info: Dinah713

6 days ago#60
I re did this with Aranea/Y'shtola/Tifa and Aranea friends and got all missions. What a joke this fight turns into with this comp. 576K score.

My first clear everyone died but Rosa had reraise ... still couldn't meet score :p
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