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User Info: Bigmenace

2 months ago#1
I take it they were not nerfed.. on top of crazy defense super hp sponge ughh ran out of skills near end. https://gamefaqs1.cbsistatic.com/user_image/3/9/1/AAdvQhAAAIZX.jpg

User Info: Master_M64

2 months ago#2
I am rather certain the Chaos version was never nerfed. It was only the farm level's boss that was nerfed and that is indeed the version we received (thank all that is holy for that too).
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User Info: DuddyTheClown

2 months ago#3
That fight was pretty tough. I literally got a score of "0" but completed everything else , weird. They are resistant to magic so a phsysical debuffer would be apreciated but I have only Faris at (0/3) , seems like I need to purple her.

User Info: Delta0126

2 months ago#4
Did somebody say magic resist

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User Info: Octalegs

2 months ago#5
Chaos Initial Clear 499k 73 turns

Tifa EX+3LB, WoL EX+3LB, Yuffie EX+3LB, Ramuh, Cloud EX+3LB friend:

Make sure you bring someone who can remove the boss' buffs off him or the fight will be tough. Good luck guys!
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User Info: cityyankee24

2 months ago#7
347k, 96 turns, no HP loss
Balthier 3/3, Tifa 3/3, Ysh 3/3
Friend Setzer, Shiva

Key things to note. Removed all +HP passives from Ysh to make sure she had the lowest max HP.

They always target their HP attack at the lowest current HP character after they unify. Made sure it was always Ysh and abuse her Guts passive.

Balthier's did great. Tifa too with big chases. Setzer came in at the end for Tifa to make it a safe finish.
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User Info: p3pdrake

2 months ago#8
This one's really gross. Wiped with Faris/WoL/Tifa. Will try another team later. Faris doesnt have enough cannonfire uses to keep dispelling until the end. I can definitely see Yuffie being the MvP here with buff stealing and preventing the boss from gaining BRV
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User Info: Krentaris

2 months ago#9
Initial clear: Cloud/Rosa/WoL + Shiva + Tifa friend

87 turns, 386k (0 HP loss)

This one is quite difficult using Cloud as the only real BRV shaver + dispeller, had to take Shiva so he could get more turn rate. Rosa + WoL helps prevent you getting broken (and minimises their BRV gain) but they do some pretty hefty BRV damage.

It sucks if they get their 3 turn buffs on and then the BRV damage reduction buff goes on AT THE END, because Cloud dispel will only dispel the buff on the farthest left. In these cases use Cross Slash for paralysis.

I had one lucky moment where my friend Tifa was about to get nuked for 48k damage but Ramuh dodge kicked in. I'm certain it can be completed without though.

I'm sure that if I had brought realised Bartz instead of Rosa this would probably have been much easier. Weaker shields but he practically has several 'BRV delete' buttons. Haven't invested in Bartz yet but I still might, even if it's not technically necessary.

Probably the first actual legitimately challenging summon CHAOS.
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User Info: SleepingKnight

2 months ago#10
For me, it has been the most difficult WoI Chaos fight, I needed Yuffie to be able to beat it.
Yuffie, WoL and Tifa, Levi summon and Cloud support did the trick for mehttps://gamefaqs1.cbsistatic.com/user_image/5/5/0/AAeL9mAAAIb2.jpg
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