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User Info: Hlz321

1 month ago#1
Rosa, Ultimecia, Y'shtola, Sherlotta FS, Ramuh, all EX+ 3/3
853k score
65 turns
2763 hp damage taken
3 breaks taken (two from doom)

This team is really fun, lots of skills left, except for Ulti, swapped her for Sherlotta on summon phase.

User Info: Octalegs

1 month ago#2
999k Initial/Blind Clear

Ultimecia EX+3LB, Rosa EX+3LB, Serah EX+3LB, Ramuh, Sherlotta,
I killed them before they get to do any hp attack. Artifact/sphere details are at the end of the vid.

Updated Another 999k run with no synergy

Sherlotta, Ultimecia EX+3LB, Serah EX+3LB, Ramuh, Sherlotta,

My old ultimate Ultimecia team is still kicking ass. No Rosa required. Good luck.

User Info: KeeperOfShadows

1 month ago#3
Y'shtola, Serah, Tifa
89 turns, 590k score
Agrias friend, Shiva summon

User Info: jeremykun29

1 month ago#4
730k with Rosa (3/3, no arts), Ultimecia (3/3), Serah (3/3) + Shiva and Setzer friend. Triple poison and freeze. It's either they lose all of their brv or not gain brv at all. XD
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User Info: ericomgwthpwned

1 month ago#5

60/70 Rosa 3/3, Ulti 3/3, Serah 3/3

Thanks @Octalegs <3
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User Info: memek123

1 month ago#6
another smooth chaos
1st try blind no reset
Rosa, Basch, Ultimecia

User Info: SleepingKnight

1 month ago#7
All purple Rosa, Y'shtola and Tifa, friend Tifa, Shiva summon
I think I'm gonna try with Ultimecia, see what happens :P
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User Info: Loinator

1 month ago#8
999k 1st try.

Rosa, Ult, Sherlotta (x2). Ramuh.

It was like Cosmos :/.
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User Info: meohmy5

1 month ago#9
706k with Rosa, Ultimecia and Warrior of Light with Sherlotta friend and Ramuh summon. My Warrior of Light got killed at the end and I thought I was my score was gonna be ripped a new one cause of reraise so I closed the app out of rage after I killed the boss, good thing it saved my complete lmao

User Info: SleepingKnight

1 month ago#10
Changed Tifa for Ultimecia, friend Tifa for Sherlotta and summon for Ramuh.
I think I can get 999k score if I play a little bit more agressive (my Rosa had 5 skill uses at the end of the battle) but I'm too lazy to try it again :P
Plant a house & build a tree
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