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User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
1 week ago#51
...ok then.

1/11 - Sabin EX!

So still have to pity Rosa.
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User Info: SayanoNeko

1 week ago#52
300 tickets, got Rosa's EX >3<

User Info: FinnH

1 week ago#53
Omg so happy yay ... so generally I don’t have the greatest luck with this game I really wanted Rosa’s ex but couldn’t spare the gems as need to pity Eight (yep I already know I’m gonna end up pitying him) so threw some tickets at her and 57 tickets later her EX pops so freaking happy
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User Info: RavingSwoobat

1 week ago#54
Finally got Sabin's Ex. Almost had to pity... Glad I didn't, because I was able to get the book and realize both Sabin and Rosa. I just gotta scrounge up some ingots...

User Info: Fantasy4life

1 week ago#55
105 tickets got me...not a single gold, thanks rngesus.
Couple of minroll 11-rolls after that, one literally 10 bronze and the guaranteed gold...
35k gems got me Sabin EX and Rosa 35. 45k finally got me Rosa EX. Did one extra roll for a book at this point.
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User Info: asukaten

1 week ago#56
55k gems:

7x Yuri 15 CP
4x Yuri 35 CP
5x Sabin 15 CP
3x Sabin 35 CP
2x Sabin EX
2x Rosa 15 CP
1x Rosa 35 CP
1x Rosa EX

I didn't have to pity. Really happy.
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User Info: holyknight14

1 week ago#57
Full pity for Rosa EX, but got Sabin EX along the way... yay?

User Info: Luckstrife

1 week ago#58
Want Rosa but don't care about Sabin, so as i'll pity pull Emperor/Firion can't go deep on this one. 25k +100 tickets a bunch of 35cp, enough to mlb her but no EX, moving on Y'sh will be enough.
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User Info: cityyankee24

1 week ago#59
Took 45K to get her EX, which is fine. I threw one more to see if I could luck into Sabin, but nay. Grabbed the book.

One more good banner to get through this month.
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User Info: TitanOxide

1 week ago#60
75k saved for this, lets go!

7th pull - Rosa EX
Kept going until 50k for the book, got another Rosa EX on the 8th pull. No Sabin, but I'm cool with it.
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