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User Info: Snorlax_exlax

1 week ago#1
Good luck folks! 🍀
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User Info: Fairy_Walnut

1 week ago#2
Me doing 150 tickets and I only need Sabin Ex.
Rosa 15cp and EX after 7 tickets. Good s***.

Edit: Sabin EX after 20 tickets.
(edited 1 week ago)
Allowed myself 30 tickets on this banner. Got Sabin's EX on the 3rd ticket. Alright, but it'll be sometime before I can do anything with it since I don't have any Power Stones ATM.
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User Info: jeremykun29

1 week ago#5
25k gems netted me both Rosa and Sabin's EX!
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User Info: JayRPG

1 week ago#6
30 Tickets

Good luck!

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User Info: Crazy_Talk

1 week ago#7
Got her EX on pity pull. Do I go for Sabin EX (Don't care for him) or Book + Stone?
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User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
1 week ago#8
My luck seems to have come to and end, heh.

2/11 - Sabin 15cp (3rd), Yuri 35cp (1st)
1/11 - Rosa 15cp (2nd)

10 tickets - Yuri 15cp (1st)

4/11 - Yuri 15cp (2nd), Sabin 15cp (4th), Rosa 35cp (1st), Ace 15cp (stone)
3/11 - Sabin 35cp (3rd), Rosa 15cp (3rd), Sabin 15cp (stone)
2/11 - Sabin 15cp (stone), Rosa 35cp (2nd)
1/11 - Rosa 35cp (3rd)
2/11 - 2x Rosa 15cp (4th + stone)
1/11 - Sabin 15cp (stone)
1/11 - Rosa 35cp (4th)
2/11 - Yuri 35cp (2nd), Bartz 15cp (stone)

10 pulls and neither EX. Only have 15k gems left on hand. Ugh. Have to farm some more.
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User Info: ZenTea

1 week ago#9
Ugh, my luck streak is over. Almost had to pity. 20g tokens away. But I got both Rosa and Sabina full kit.
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User Info: xTecKx

1 week ago#10
About 220 tickets. Was hoping for Rosa but stopped when I pulled Sabin EX. Unlike my usual pulls I did felt like I got about what I should have in 5* weapons though. Dissapointed at no Rosa but oh well, could have been worse.
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