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User Info: kupomogli

1 week ago#31
Dingydang166 posted...

Do people actually LIKE Orlandu? I mean I am a huge FFT fan, but there are a bunch of other better characters, especially considering he was barely in the story at all.

I feel like people just like Orlandu because for some reason every game they put him in (FFT, FFBE, FFRK) they make him overpowered as f*** and better than every other FFT character (or in some cases, just every other character in the game) for some reason.
I think most people like Orlandu because how OP he is. The second you get him he breaks the rest of the game because he's a complete god. But yeah, when it comes to story he's almost not even in it to really determine whether he's a character you like or not.

Imo, out of the magic sword characters, I'd say nearly all of them have more depth to their characters than Orlandu had. In all likelyhood we'd never get one of Ramza's brothers, so hoping for that would be a lost cause no matter how long this game ran for. I think though that there's potential for Gafgarion, Delita, Orlandu, Beowulf, Reis, Worker 8, Olan, and Wiegraf to al become party members eventually.
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User Info: p3pdrake

1 week ago#32
I just hope it's a male character this time
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User Info: Groudon_is_Gold

1 week ago#33
If it is Rikku, i hope they sell her X-2 costume as well. Part of the reason i hated her for so long was her X look.

I struggled on a few of the water areas because i never used her! Lol
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User Info: Arcana123

1 week ago#34
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User Info: megages03

1 week ago#35
ellis123 posted...
One of the major factors in her getting so much traction early on was because there was a datamined portrait for her. She just got way further ahead of the others because she is popular.
You know, the thing about the protraits (there are a few) is that they do not look like anything else actually in the game. As of right now, no one makes use of those elongated portraits. Really curious what they were planned for.

User Info: mouser066

1 week ago#36
Wishful thinking, but would love Rufus Shinra

Got no sig, so nothing to gamble ;)

User Info: EcksdeeSD

1 week ago#37
Cissnei from FFCC to pair with zacks EX+ release...lol kidding..or???? xD

User Info: RavingSwoobat

1 week ago#38
EcksdeeSD posted...
Cissnei from FFCC to pair with zacks EX+ release...lol kidding..or???? xD
I wouldn't mind Cissnei. She was pretty cool in CC.

User Info: Ganjablaze

1 week ago#39
Yall going to disappointed when the reveal ends up being Mog. He's literally the main character of OO.

User Info: Franzise_D

1 week ago#40
Other: Benjamin

Even if he's not the next global first, he should be; with as many characters as there are in this game they can add at least one Mystic Quest rep
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