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  3. When will we know who the exclusive is?

User Info: Ganjablaze

3 days ago#11

User Info: erto

3 days ago#12
https://gamefaqs1.cbsistatic.com/user_image/5/0/5/AAXjakAAADip.jpg I think this will be Angeal.
Top 3 I'd say are Nanaki(Red XIII), Rikku and Orlandu
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User Info: Kowalls

3 days ago#14
We dont know. I'm assuming at the end of the month during the next stream and then the character comes in February.

About the datamine stuff. Is it from the JP game or GL?

User Info: megages03

3 days ago#15
My money is on any of the datamined characters. Some work has been done on them for their assets to be floating around in the files but SE have been better at patching the game to keep things hidden from dataminers.

I would also expect the exclusive to be the middle or end of Feburary, SE have a very good idea people will be tapped out due to Emperor and Rosa and with Feburary being our anniversary we can expect free first draws and/or bonus gems and tickets throughout the month. Better to either milk players during this period, or wait until players are tapped out and then spring a surprise character on them to encourage them to spend.

Groudon_is_Gold posted... Orlandu
What game is he from? The name douns familiar...Reminds me of thunder...Like some kind of thunder god or something...Hmm, I wonder what game he is from...I wonder if anymore characters from that game will even be coming to dissidia :(
(edited 3 days ago)

User Info: igor140

3 days ago#16
Orlandu = TG Cid = Thunder God Cid

he is from FFT (same as ramza and agrias), and there are PLENTY of other great characters to pull from that game.

orlandu is so ridiculously overpowered in FFT that most serious players and challenges ban using him altogether.

he is so powerful that he makes entire character builds obsolete, along with about three other "special" characters, including agrias.

honestly, i hope they don't make him THAT overpowered in this game. when they ported him to FFBE, he ruled the meta for over a year. even when he was "replaced" his replacement worked EXTREMELY well with him, and there was absolutely no reason not to use both at the same time.
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User Info: Asheron61

3 days ago#17
Keep in mind some datamined characters have been in there for a long time. I think Rikku and Guy showed up almost 2 years ago? Iroha's definitely been in there for a long time too, I want to say close to a year. It could be one of them, but it seems just as likely to not be. Beatrix was a complete surprise iirc.

User Info: dudeitscool

3 days ago#18
FinnH posted...
Any theories who it may be?

i would love to see Marche from Tactics

I would take ANY Tactics character including Marche or Luso.
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User Info: eoddel

3 days ago#19
Did Beatrix get datamined before she was announced BTW?

User Info: SergioOO

3 days ago#20
eoddel posted...
Did Beatrix get datamined before she was announced BTW?

Yes, a month or so earlier.
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  3. When will we know who the exclusive is?
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