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  3. Other than Cloud's, which WoI weapon passives are worth having?

User Info: BahamutX978

1 week ago#1
I have over 60 tokens, so I can afford to spare some

I already have Cloud's, Vaan's and Rem's weapons so don't need to pick up those, but what other ones should I consider?
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User Info: Parasite_Eve

1 week ago#2
I hear Bartz is pretty good but Idk. I plan on nabbing Cloud, Bartz, Edgar and Laguna myself.
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User Info: Holy_Cloud105

1 week ago#3
Laguna, Bartz, Squall, Edgar, Zidane and Hope all give buffs to the party and/or themselves.
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User Info: melissar7

1 week ago#4
I believe Squall's is considered another good one. Or at least other's used to suggest picking it up.
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User Info: heimdalgc

1 week ago#5
I maxed WoL since he's always in my party
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User Info: Chexua

1 week ago#6
heimdalgc posted...
I maxed WoL since he's always in my party

He means WoI as in World of Illusion weapons xD

User Info: BahamutDragoon

1 week ago#7
I can tell you one NOT to pick up: Yuna if you have her Ex Weapon.

It turns her Brave attack into a Thunder based attack. But while you have Valefor out she gets a completely different Brave attack that isn't Thunder based.
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User Info: Pando0

1 week ago#8
Beside maybe, Yuna and Rem that are straight up garbage, most weapons are nice bonus and now that CP is a non issue, i'd advice to get WoI for any char you're seriously investing into(if your PS situation allows you to). Although, I would do that on a case by case basis when the chars cycle in relevance again. Most of them aren't great pick for recent content, so there's no rush.

Squall and Hope are decent personal buff :

Zidane/Bartz/Laguna/Edgar are all small aura, with easy to meet condition :

I feel none of them match the level of utility you get out of cloud. But all the small auras with relevant stats helps when you'll bring those units in tough content.

For now, only Squall and Cloud are in decent spot, don't think Zidane will be a hit with lvl 70 in a few days since he gets no EX+...

User Info: Loinator

1 week ago#9
Chexua posted...
He means WoI as in World of Illusion weapons xD

Poor boi xD.

Imo the best after Cloud is Bartz (hes an aura buffer after all). After that, all okay/good.
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User Info: ellis123

1 week ago#10
Ye, sans Yuna and Rem, if you want to use the character get their WoI weapon. None are as critical to the character as Cloud's potentially is (it's either utterly amazing or useless even then) but all of them are nice to have.
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  3. Other than Cloud's, which WoI weapon passives are worth having?
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