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  3. So close to throwing my phone at the wall(Deuce LC chaos)

User Info: eoddel

2 weeks ago#11
Do you have an insurance for your phone? I'm pretty sure you're gonna use it for Agrias'LC.

User Info: PallandoWicke

2 weeks ago#12
Gratz on clear, it was quite painful for me as well. I tried many different teams, in the end the team that provided the widest margin and comfort for completing the Chaos: 3/3 Krile, 0/3 Ace, Porom. Sherlotta friend, Ramuh summon. Swapped Ace for Sherlotta for battery S2 combo in summon.
I think 2/3 Ace, 2/3 Deuce gives easier/more comfortable completes for this Chaos. Just that generally people dont really recommending ingots for them, since Ultimecia coming soon or whatnot.

User Info: Krentaris

2 weeks ago#13
Out of all the ones I've played so far, this is probably the one where I would be most understanding if people said 'f*** it' and waited for Ultimecia or just used gems. There are ways to do it with minimal ingot investment, but some part of it is RNG.

Though I don't really get frustrated that much. I would need to have tried everything and run out of options before I would get that annoyed. I just get obsessive and come back to it. I think the only time I've been so legitimately frustrated I could destroy things (I did end up breaking a mouse once) was when I was playing online FPS competitively. If it's just single player, no matter how hard it gets, I don't really get bent out of shape. But in competition, I definitely had that side to me, lol.
"Perfectionism becomes desirable when it stimulates the healthy pursuit of excellence."

User Info: Puniard

2 weeks ago#14
I just love the topic title...
"Well, we will see if there is iron in your words." - Vulcan Raven, Metal Gear Solid.

User Info: xcaliblur

1 week ago#15
https://youtu.be/c7Hbyr3wLIY. Ultimecia rocks here
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User Info: p3pdrake

1 week ago#16
Grats on the clear! That HP dmg requirement is ass :(
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DFFOO [GL]: 111555884 (Quistis)

User Info: TBD2009

1 week ago#17
Managed to finally pull off a complete last night using Serah, Sherlotta and Ultimecia. Used Ramuh and Sherlotta friend.

606,765 score, 66 turns, 5 breaks, 0 HP lost (healed courtesy of Sherlotta).

I found that holding on to Ultimecia's S2 until the Counts started pumping their bravery to ridiculous numbers allowed me to gravity break them reliably. I also waited until I had no other choice but to summon, before doing so (both Counts were fully buffed) and swapped Ultimecia out for Sherlotta. Then on friend's turn, primed her to S2 spam before summoning. Made short work of their HP remaining.

I think I could have been faster on earlier waves, but wanted to have all four Hell's Judgement uses to pair with using it freely in EX phase, or emergency brave shaving. That seemed vital to me, to avoid dying. I also made sure not to touch any AAs before summon phase, just to do emergency turn manipulation (letting the Counts come out of break before using a gravity attack or Maelstrom).

I'm going to try the same team on Ultimecia's Chaos once I get the time.
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User Info: EcksdeeSD

1 week ago#18
grats to everyone thats comepleting it , me personally ..since the rewards arent going anywhere,i'll just wait for Y'shtolas EX+ to come out & wreck the counts ;]

User Info: Gameandwatch2

1 week ago#19
The few attempts I've made on the fight just go to pieces once they're both in the red and preparing their back to back AoEs.

The increased speed and defense is extremely obnoxious to deal with.
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User Info: Fairy_Walnut

1 week ago#20
I finally cleared it without dying!!

It took me six tries.
Ace Purple
Deuce Purple
Sherlotta MLB

Friend Sherlotta
Summon Shiva

62 turns
638,064 score

My Ace almost died at the very end from a Multiple Slash attack and then got Blue Card Jackpot Shot off and was able to get a round of healing in. The friend Sherlotta killed the first Count Steam and then after Ace’s Ex move as written above, Deuce killed the second one with her Dissonant Sonata.

I was lucky here and I was very unlucky the last time that I had them down to the very end.

My first clear without dying and getting the score. I cleared Leviathan with this same team with out dying but missed score by about 30k.


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  3. So close to throwing my phone at the wall(Deuce LC chaos)
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