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  3. Have you purpled anyone besides Cloud?

User Info: AKMU

2 weeks ago#1
EX+ 3/3 anyone besides Cloud?

Who are your purples so far?

User Info: Liutena

2 weeks ago#2
Cloud and Krile for me.

User Info: Crazy_Talk

2 weeks ago#3
Cloud at 3/3
WoL and Tidus both at 0/3. I'd like to clear Deuce's LC missions, so I'm currently saving them for Ultimecia and Ace.
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User Info: KeeperOfShadows

2 weeks ago#4
Krile. Next is Ace.
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User Info: Linelo

2 weeks ago#5
Krile on impulse mostly but also because we're getting FEOD this month + I have EXs I could realize for ingot ready(Zell, Ace, Garland).

I like her massive battery potential, pre-charged ex + easy charge after, and imperil.
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User Info: _Sanaki_

2 weeks ago#6
Didn’t purple Cloud.
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User Info: SergioOO

2 weeks ago#7
Tidus and Garland

User Info: ssringo

2 weeks ago#8
Did the math to ensure I'd be able to 3/3 Ultimecia on her release and then took Garland to 3/3. Sucks that his co-op is so piss easy you can't even show him off but I thoroughly enjoy his huge damage.

User Info: Bigmenace

2 weeks ago#9
Cloud and tidus drunk the purple potion.

User Info: TitanOxide

2 weeks ago#10
Only Cloud so far.
WoL, Vince, and Garland at 0/3
Ultimecia is my next purp, not sure after that.
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  2. Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia
  3. Have you purpled anyone besides Cloud?
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