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User Info: CasualOblivion

1 month ago#1
What is your opinion of Abyss Beta - Results (203 votes)
It was awesome, one of the best things they've ever done
16.75% (34 votes)
It was good
33% (67 votes)
It was ok I guess
19.7% (40 votes)
7.39% (15 votes)
I played through it but didn't enjoy it much
12.32% (25 votes)
It sucked
8.87% (18 votes)
1.97% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Well, we’ve had the “I like Abyss” topic and the “Abyss sucks” topic. Time for a poll I guess.

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User Info: eoddel

1 month ago#2
It was good. It's like story mode without cutscenes and more challenging with more restrictions. The rewards are welcome since we gonna enter 70 era.
Honestly, nothing special.

User Info: Crazy_Talk

1 month ago#3
New player rewards for veteran content. Plus constantly swapping teams is a bigger chore here than swapping for Heretics.
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User Info: Asheron61

1 month ago#4
Needs more variety in the requirements and less obvious advertising for the current banner, if only because it means you end up using the same 5-6 characters for most battles. Otherwise good though, I enjoyed it.

User Info: AuraBurqa

1 month ago#5
Aside from the constant: "use Squall and/or Layle every other battle" on content that's supposed to be permanent, not an event with featured characters like they treated it, it was good.
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User Info: Furryyiffer

1 month ago#6
It was a pretty neat dungeon type thing and the restrictions are cool but I wish the heretic bosses and cosmos didn't have the restrictions. It's a bit too much to have to hit both the missions and often pretty tight score requirements for the heretic bosses imo and cosmos really isn't a difficulty at this point that I feel is good to have those kind of restrictions on.
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User Info: TitanOxide

1 month ago#7
Excellent idea, but the execution was very lacking. Obviously wanted Layle, Yuri, Squall in your team more often than not.

If they did this again but not tied to a banner, I think they could do a better job.
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User Info: cityyankee24

1 month ago#8
Having the restrictions on the bosses was fine IMO. Having them on the trash nodes was a waste of time though.

Overall good experience outside of Squall's/Layle's crystal and weapon types being pushed. The challenges could be more varied to other crystal colors and weapon types too
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I didn't attempt it yet. Can you only use/reuse teams on certain floors or something?
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User Info: DragonZ3R0

1 month ago#10
It was alright, could have been harder imo

I haven't seen nothing as hard as Lenna's first EX battle yet, I want something as challenging
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