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User Info: klassikdirty

1 week ago#11
Let me try to explain this, if a support character has crystal color of the same that the level requires, that that character can be used on that level.

Maybe I use support wrong?
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User Info: cityyankee24

1 week ago#12
You can use any character you want as long as they fit the criteria....are some people under the assumption you have to use Layle or Squall?
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User Info: jeremykun29

1 week ago#13
Dagger: Rem EX, Lilisette, Zidane (no EX)
Sword: Tidus EX, WoL EX (no 35CP), Lightning EX
Greatsword: Vayne EX, Zack EX, Squall EX
Staff: Y'shtola EX, Vivi EX, Eiko 35CP
Gun: Vincent 35CP, Balthier 35CP, Laguna 35CP
Fist: Tifa EX, Prishe 35CP, Zell 35CP
Thrown: Setzer 35CP, Layle 35CP, Wakka 35CP
Spear: Freya 35CP, Kain 35CP, Edgar 35CP
Bow: Serah EX, Lenna EX, Maria 15CP
Whip: Quistis EX, Rydia 15CP, Seven 15CP
Special: Rinoa EX, Twins EX, Lulu 35CP

Too lazy to put in the crystals but everyone that I pretty much used are in the list.
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User Info: Krentaris

1 week ago#14
All with EX if available, unless noted otherwise.


Dagger: Thancred, Lilisette, Zidane (35 only)

Sword: Lightning, OK, Tidus (Honourable mentions: Agrias, Vaan, Bartz)

Greatsword: Vayne, Zack, Squall (Jecht, Sephiroth)

Staff: Eiko, Vivi (35 only), Y'shtola (2LB 35 only)

Gun: Vincent, Sazh, Irvine

Fist: Tifa (35 only), Zell (don't ask me how I randomly got his EX), Yang

Throw: Layle, Ace (35 only), Setzer

Lance: Freya, Fang, Kain (35 only)

Bow: Serah, Lenna, Rosa

Whip: Quistis, Seven, Rydia (0LB 15)

Unique: Golbez, Rinoa, Lulu (Kuja, Cait Sith, Selphie)


Red: Freya, Jecht, Kuja

Blue: Vayne, Cloud, Tidus (+Rosa)

Green: Rinoa, Sephiroth, Agrias

Yellow: Layle, Quistis, Bartz (+Lulu, Lightning, Ramza... and more, yellow is stacked)

Black: Zack, Squall, Golbez

White: Serah, Lenna, Eiko
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  3. What does your Abyss roster look like