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User Info: CasualOblivion

1 week ago#1
Abyss likes to require three of a certain character type, either crystal color or weapon type. What are your top three characters of each type?

Dagger—Zidane EX, Lilisette 35CP, Thancred EX

Sword—Tidus EX, Bartz EX, Firion 35CP

Greatsword—Vayne EX, Cloud EX, Squall 35CP

Staff—Vivi EX, Y’shtola EX, Vanille 35CP

Gun—Sazh 35CP, King 35CP, Laguna 35CP

Fist—Yang 35CP, Sabin 35CP, Prishe 35CP

Thrown—Setzer 35CP, Layle 35CP, Wakka 35CP

Spear—Freya 35CP, Cid EX, Kain 35CP

Bow—Lenna EX, Serah 35CP, Rosa 35CP

Whip—Quistis EX, Seven 35CP, Rydia 15CP

Special—Rinoa EX, Golbez EX, Kuja EX

Red—Freya 35CP, Kuja EX, Beatrix EX

Blue—Vayne EX, Cloud EX, Zidane EX

Green—Rinoa EX, Sephiroth 35CP, Galuf 35CP

Yellow—Quistis EX, Lilisette 35CP, Bartz EX

Black—Golbez EX, Vivi EX, Squall 35CP

White—Lenna EX, Serah 35CP, Thancred EX
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User Info: Pando0

1 week ago#2
Too lazy to list all, but since they were trying to shove down the same old requirements over and over :

White : Twins pretty much any chance, otherwise Serah or Lenna if situation calls it(hello double worm with sub 5k dmg requirement...)
Yellow : Layle, sometimes Bartz/Lili/Lightning
Black : Squall/Zack/Setzer
Greatsword : Squall/Zack/Vayne sometimes Cloud/Seph
Sword : Tidus/Yuri sometimes OK/Firion
Throw : Setzer/Layle a bit of Ace

User Info: RandoGamerKid

1 week ago#3
Far easier to do just color. I suppose these are my "best" top 3:

Red: Jecht EX, Kuja EX, Freya MLB
Black: Squall EX, Vivi EX, Golbez EX
Blue: Vayne EX, Zidane EX, Cloud EX
White: Serah EX, Eiko MLB, Vincent MLB
Yellow: Quistis EX, Bartz EX, Lilisette MLB
Green: Sephiroth MLB non EX, Agrias EX, Rinoa MLB non EX
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User Info: MajinCal

1 week ago#4
Dagger - Zidane EX, Lilisette 35, Rem 35

Sword - Lightning EX, OK EX, Noctis EX

Great Sword - Vayne EX, Cloud 35, Squall 35(Auron EX honorable mention)

Staff - Y'shtola EX, Seymour EX, Eiko 35

Guns - Laguna 35, Vincent 35, Sazh 35

Fists - Tifa 35, Prishe 35.......

Thrown - Layle EX, Setzer 35, Ace 35

Spear - Kain EX, Freya 35, Edgar 35

Bows - Serah EX, Rosa EX, Lenna 35

Whips - Quistis EX, Rydia 15, I have both of Seven's weapons but she's at 20/20 >_> #not interested

Special - Rinoa EX, Lulu 35, Golbez 35

Red - OK EX, Freya 35, Seifer 35

Blue - Vayne EX, Rosa EX, Zidane EX

Green - Rinoa EX, Sephiroth 35, Terra 35

Yellow - Quistis EX, Lightning EX, Y'shtola EX

Black - Kain EX, Noctis EX, Setzer 35

White - Serah EX, Seymour EX, Wol 35
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User Info: Karnage4208238

1 week ago#5
finally got all six floors completed not going ot list them all just the ones i used (btw they are all 60/60)

swords WoL 15/35 mlb ex 0 lb firion 15/35 0lb and ex 0 lb onion knight 15/35 mlb tidus 15/35 0lb agrias all weapons mlb
great swords cloud all weapons mlb sephiroth 15 lb 35/ex mlb squall 15 mlb 35 0lb jecht 15 mlb 35 1lb
vayne all weapons mlb
rods/staffs vivi 15 mlb 35 0lb eiko 15/35 0lb yshtola 15 mlb 35/ex 0lb
throw setzer 15 1lb 35 mlb layle 15/35 mlb
spear kain 15 mlb 35 2lb
bow leena all weapons mlb serah all weapons mlb
whips quistis all weapons mlb
special golbez all weapons mlb rinoa all weapons mlb lulu 15 0lb
daggers lilisette 15/35 mlb

red firion onion knight jecht
blue cloud tidus vayne
green sephiroth rinoa agrias
yellow quistis lulu lilisette yshtola layle
black kain golbez setzer squall vivi
white WoL lenna eiko serah
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User Info: Fantasy4life

1 week ago#6
Sword: WoL, Firion, Bartz, Terra, Vaan, Onion Knight, Ramza, Tidus (no EX)
Greatsword: Cloud, Zack, Squall, Beatrix, Vayne, Pecil, Auron, Seifer & Jecht (no EX)
Staves: Vivi (no EX), Eiko, Garnet, Yuna, Vanille, Y'shtola, Papalymo
Throwing weapons: Setzer, Layle, Ace
Spear: Kain, Freya
Bow: Lenna, Serah
Whips: Quistis, Seven if I care to level her.
Daggers: Lilisette, Faris, Zidane.
Guns: Vincent, Laguna, Sazh if I care to level him.
Special: Cait Sith, Selphie, Rinoa, Kuja, Lulu, Deuce.
Fist: Prishe (no EX), Tifa (no EX), Zell (no EX)

everyone is max geared unless otherwise stated
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(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: ScrappyDingo

1 week ago#7
Mostly meh. I just drag myself through and then come back with some combo of Lenna/Rinoa/Golbez/Kuja/Quistis/Rinoa/Vayne/Serah and easily hit the score requirement by thousands.

Using non AOE characters is such a drag since it takes FOREVER.
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User Info: klassikdirty

1 week ago#8
I just pick based on damage for each weapon
I look for supports if it's color
Free for all if no weapon requirements
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User Info: O-rion

1 week ago#9
Characters by crystal color with strongest weapon listed:

Red: Jecht EX, Kuja EX, Freya 35CP
Blue: Vayne EX, Tidus EX, Cloud 35CP
Green: Rinoa EX, Ace EX, third one's a more tough one maybe Galuf but only 0LB 35CP
Yellow: Quistis EX, Lulu 35CP, Bartz EX (probably replaced by Ramza once his rework arrives)
Black: Squall 2LB 35CP, Setzer 2LB 35CP, Vivi 35CP with no 15CP (black's definitely my strong color)
White: Lenna EX, Serah EX, probably WoL with his 2LB 35CP.

Good thing they didn't require too many triple colors in the Abyss.
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