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User Info: CasualOblivion

1 week ago#51
Fairy_Walnut posted...
Same team as you and I did what you wrote for the final Cosmos, but I got 266k at 78 turns. I played it a little safe with the dragons maybe for a turn or two, how did you get such a low turn count?

The two things that would lower turn count with that team would be getting better use out of Tidus EX and being more aggressive with Vayne’s free turns I would think.
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User Info: BlueSalvation

1 week ago#52
After thinking on this for a day, I decided to run through it all just to get to floor 6 level 150 Cosmos. Team:
Lenna EX
Vayne EX
Firion EX
Quistis friend (saved for last wave summon phase)
Ifrit summon

On the final wave, I started using skills on one of the bosses and then summoned after they both self buffed. Called in friend Quistis and pushed the weak one back with a degen whip. Used Vayne to push the other one back because he has his + skills.

Carefully rotated between the two while still mostly burning down the first one to death. Completed in 66 turns. It was surprisingly fun.
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User Info: Thief666

1 week ago#53
Forget who I used on first cosmos, but got 595k. Was easy enough.

Second cosmos was a bit harder I found, simply because of requirements.

Used Firion, Zack and serah, all EX, quistis friend and shiva summon

Summoned on second round to avoid getting HP damage from the worms. Last round was tougher though and I ate 7 breaks non stop lol.

Summoned quistis on last round, but even with the delays they were going super fast and constantly breaking.

364k 53 turns

User Info: Baby_ragna

1 week ago#54
Damn, I hate this event. Being forced to use different units for each stage is extremely annoying and time consuming.

Just finished the 3rd floor Cosmos fight with:

Vayne - only have 2 LB on his EX weapon, so his damage output is kinda low.
MLB Rinoa
Setzer - deal almost no damage. His role is for delaying the 3rd wave boss and spamming freeze joker on the last wave.
Friend Rinoa
Ifrit summon
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User Info: Pando0

1 week ago#55
^Dont expect Vayne damage output to change with his last LB, only meaningful improvement would be arts and board if Vayne is already 60/60

User Info: TheMyth

1 week ago#56
2nd half complete. My strategy overall for The Abyss was to gimp out teams enough to get through the whole thing and get the Perfects on all the levels.

6-7 Yuna, Kefka, Cloud + Cloud/Bahamut 263k

6-8 Setzer, Lili, Q + Q/Bahamut 263k

6-9 Eiko, OK, Penelo + Squall/Shiva 255k

6-10 Vivi, Vincent, Beatrix + Rinoa/Ifrit 221k

6-11 Layle, King, Lenna + Cloud/Pande 311k

6-12 Squall, Cater, Vayne + Q/Shiva 307k

Basically I checked all 6 matches, picked a main character, and built a team around them. A bit of planning definitely helps, also summon/support and timing helps.

Cosmos Vayne, Tidus, Lenna + Q/Shiva 280k.
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User Info: iodoethane

1 week ago#57
Stratum 6 cosmos: Layle vayne rinoa, 50 turns 528k score.

Main challenge was keeping rinoa alive by avoiding the hp attacks as much as possible. Summoned in wave 2, swapped vayne for non-friend quistis in wave 4.

Wonder if I can reach 600k.

Edit: above is just for score, ignoring mission requirements.
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User Info: AuraBurqa

6 days ago#58
6-7: Lenna, Golbez, Cloud

6-8: Y'shtola, Layle, Lilisette

6-9: Serah, Firion, Eiko

6-10: Thancred, Papalymo, Selphie

6-11: Quistis, Setzer, Rinoa

6-12: Squall (no EX), Vayne, Freya

COSMOS (6-13):
Score: 368,851
Turns: 53 | HP Damage Taken: 288 (lol) | Breaks: 9
Serah, Vayne, Firion
Summon: Shiva | Friend Support: Quistis

Used both Quistis and Shiva against the Worms since I did not have a healer to ignore their AoE gravity spam.
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User Info: madmanmuzik

6 days ago#59
Lenna, Bartz, Vayne
Quistis friend

Pretty stompy. Bartz did a surprisingly good job of keeping up. Vayne was pinging zero skills between EX casts for like the last wave and a half, but between Pummel almost hitting 19998 on its own, the BRV regen, and the recharge from his EX he was still fighting like a champ. I feel like I finally caught a taste of what makes him special.

EDIT: I should note that this team, like the one from Stratum 3, meets all mission reqs. I'm way too lazy to replay this multiple times if I can get a first run Complete ^^;
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User Info: RandoGamerKid

6 days ago#60
Final COSMOS stage

449k 48 turns

Vayne Freya Serah
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