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  3. I need help planning for the future.

User Info: El-loco

4 weeks ago#1
After the Hellish trio of EX quest, i started to really understand the importance of a really good support, and thinking about the future, what's going to be the next Must Have support for Rinoa reign?, the usual names that pop up are Quistis and Lenna but as you know RNG is a heartless b**** and going for the 2 of them + Rinoa and Vayne is a bit of a stretch, i need the experience of JP players. who is the must have support for that Era. (and if you have the time, a explanation on why could help a lot)

User Info: Matt123

4 weeks ago#2
Everyone has their pros and cons and even if you pulled the one you want, there will be stages where you wish you had one of the other ones. It'll be tough on the gems but you probably want at least two of Quistis, Lenna, Serah, and Ashe. Eventually you're run into enemies that have resistances to their debuffs/elements that were probably made to specifically counter them.

User Info: Pando0

4 weeks ago#3
Well, you already got some, support wise the thing on the watch list till Cosmos would be :

Lilisette(available in few hours) : a good debuffer + battery, no brave shaving on skill though
Quistis : turn delay queen, can trivialize a lot of content, also got an insanely fast charging ex, speed debuff and battery with some nice aura.
Lenna : Debuff evasion, insane HP Regen, good Brv Regen with EX, tons of unique buff that can stack with generic ones, best friend of Rinoa with the Regen, also carrying battery.
Serah : When rework + EX + Eidoja exclusive passive available, she turns into a beast. Strong Battery, Debuff, AoE capability with some nice aura.
Freya : Didnt really look into her much, so dont really know her strength but she's mentionned and as the perk to be EXless(like Lilisette for now) so could be quite easy to build without having to luck into getting the EX.

Edit : Forgot Ashe indeed, her rework makes her quite a monster too, she was sorely missing Max Brv buff to not leak like crazy and HP efficiency, she got both and on top of that a powerful EX with guaranteed paralysis.

User Info: melissar7

4 weeks ago#4

As someone that has Freya on Jpn she's pretty good but idk if I'd really count her as a support or not I mean she's just as much of a support as Agrias & Beautrix are by that I mean her 15cp gives brave + hp regain(Very small amount even on Jpn the Hp regain I mean) to the whole party it also gives her Brave+ which is only for her btw no extra brave for the party on that move. Her 35cp is really good though it's basically like Agrias's Judgement blade or Setzer's 15 without giving brave to the party ie Brave + Hp aoe attack with overflow. Expect unlike Agrias can be used as a brave + hp attack from turn 1 it gives her Hp+ which in her case is a brave + hp attack and then gives brave to the party(Kind of like Rem's Crystal 60 Hp attack after Swap Turns in the brave share regard) so that's what I mean by she's as much of a support as Beautrix/Agrias.

This post has her Jpn show case so now you can see what I mean by Beautrix is more of a support then her. She is very good at farming though so she is probably the best supporty character there since Agrias can't have her Judgement blade to hp dmg on turn 1 currently at least.

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User Info: Pando0

4 weeks ago#5
Yeah in the end, she's pretty similar to Beatrix or Agrias in her abilities and is barely making the list I'd say. She's sporting a good c50 and an aura on awakening that brings speed S + Mbrv 40% and 10% and then 10% Atk and is batterying and providing HP Regen.

If we make the list more restrictive than that, Lilisette and Quistis are out as from there, that means active buffs requirement is higher to be considered support and aura doesnt cut it.

I guess she's there somewhere, and as stated, no EX so potentially low to no budget if 35 is tokened.
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  3. I need help planning for the future.
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