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User Info: OgreRecruiter

3 months ago#61
Name/ID: ArcticWolfe/597270781

Rank: 150

Notable Characters:
Fully Broken 15/35/EX
Warrior Of Light - Current Support till I get go for another (Sherlotta etc...)

Looking for: Mostly supports, debuffers, and those that can remove debuffs/enemy buffs. HP/BRV lockdown. Also in desperate need of 5s, have a ton of 3s.
Setzer (if any) or any HP/Brave Lockdown
Any useful support that I may have forgotten.

Basically because of where I started and the decisions I made, I lost out on quite a few supports. All of which I can make up for after I get Ultimecia. My biggest goal is to get Sherlotta next later on down the road as my current resources are for Ultimecia.

Once I have those two, Ill probably alternate my support between the two. Depends.
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User Info: Sans Pants

Sans Pants
2 months ago#64
If any of you are wondering "Who the hell is this Headpats guy and how is he following me when I'm way ahead of his rank?", that's me. I've wasted so many gems on this game in the early days that there's no way for me to bounce back outside of spending enough money to buy a used car, so I figure I'd just reroll and roll with favoritism-flavored precision. Sort of. The game's kind of reaching a low point of interest for new characters and I'd be more likely to try my luck at dual-EX LC banners than anything else. 'cause from GL now to JP now, I think the only straight-up new characters I'd want to roll for are Caius, Arciela, and Trey.
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User Info: E-Major

2 months ago#65
Name/ID: E-Major : 739247624

Rank: 702

Notable Characters: Almost all the really Meta, Quistis set as support.

Looking for: Quistis.
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