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User Info: TDuvats

9 months ago#51
In light of the Quistis thread, I figured I'd add my info here for when that eventually goes away.

ID 880981663
Name: Voovits
I spent a lot of time trying to come up with something clever and original for a signature, and well, this is it! Yay!

User Info: Tweekscute

8 months ago#52
ID: 850910450

Looking for co-ops. I use Cait Sith mostly.
Tweek: TWEEEK! Viggo: You always have to spoil the drama, you little twerp!

User Info: the4got10-1

7 months ago#53

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia ID: 351345700 IGN: Light
RIP Gem-free run 31/1/2018 - 31/10/2018.

User Info: klassikdirty

7 months ago#54
Name: klassik

Rank: 300

Made mistake of starting to farm crystals after having 50 + characters. So, I have many 50/50 characters with some 45/50. My support cycles through ex wielders with lulu being only exception.

Follow back so I can get rid of my one sided follow list.

I like to farm lvl 70 coops
don't get in between me and my videogames
(edited 7 months ago)

User Info: AlexFF

7 months ago#55
ID : 977793259
Name : Kain Highwind
Rank : 549

A lot has changed and I wanted to update the current state of my account : I seek active players who want to coop from time to time or people who just started the game and want to be carried. MP me so I can follow you back !

15/35/EX maxed out :
- Squall
- Edgar
- Beatrix
- Garnet
- Thancred
- Cid
- Kain
- Palom
- Lightning
- Bartz
- Golbez
- Rosa
- Firion
- Maria
- Sephiroth
- Rinoa
- Pecil
- Ace

15/35 :
- Yuna
- Deuce
- Yuri
- Sabin
- Y'shtola
- Fang
- Shantotto
- Eiko
- Vincent
- Decil
- Cloud
- King
- Tidus
- Snow
- Rydia
- Layle
- Zack
- Serah
- Relm
- Vaan
- Ramza
- Selphie
- Kuja
- Cait Sith
- Onion Knight
- Leon
- Aerith
- Yang
- Lenna
- Lilisette
- Zell
- Setzer

Other notable characters :
- Rem
- Auron

I'm still almost F2P, I'm not buying anything unless there is a FF4 bundle.

User Info: starvingmarvin2

6 months ago#56
add me: 324270167

User Info: Leniir_Nemura

6 months ago#57
Name/ID: Leniir 299396003

Rank: 326

Notable Characters: MLB Zack as of now. But I also use a noteworthy Y'shtola, an almost perfect Sephiroth (passive-wise) and the usual Quistis. Still trying to give Zack better passives but he´s almost there =)

Looking for: As long as you are active and have somewhat usable characters, (they don´t need to be MLBed, just be workable with) you´re all welcome to join me!

And if anyone is interested, I have a Discord channel which is in real need of new members XD


Thank you! =)

User Info: clouxstrife

6 months ago#58
Name/ID: Cloud - 395535331

Rank 56X (I forget exactly, I'm not looking at my phone)

Friend Unit: Cloud(EX) MLB Shiva/Ifrit passives. So-so artifacts, but not bad.

Other maxed characters (Weapon-wise): Sephiroth(EX), Golbez(EX), Rinoa(EX), P-Cecil(EX), Vivi(EX), Squall(EX), Rem(EX), Vanille(EX), and Cait Sith.

Other EX's on non MLB'd characters: Edgar, Thancred, Beatrix, Vaan, Shantotto, Prishe, and Noctis.

I play daily.

User Info: Mykalgaidin

5 months ago#59
Mykalgaidin - 851679179

Daily player, been playing for quite some time. Rank 630. I try to keep up with the meta for my support. I've bought gems a few times since I love this game and I want them to keep releasing new content. I'm very active in co-op; either EX or Cosmos. Large stable of MLB characters (19 at last count, with the only major hole being no Quistis). I try to keep my friend list clear of non-active players, but I'm still close to the cap. If you've followed me recently and I haven't followed back, give it a bit and I will add you. I just don't think about it very often (sorry).

Keep it shiny side up, Sparky! (yes, I play Warframe, too)

User Info: klassikdirty

4 months ago#60
I tried this before but could not get my I'd #
Here it is.


My support changes at my whim. My choices are limited since this lvl 70 unlocking. It is what it is.
don't get in between me and my videogames
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