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User Info: MisterPanda

1 year ago#11
Name/ID: Mr. Panda

Rank: 291

Notable Characters: MLB Vaan, Squall, Cloud, Lightning, Tidus, Eiko, Papalymo, Balthier

Looking for: Any active players :)
My Nintendo Reviews Channel! - http://youtube.com/mrpanda2002
My Reviews! - http://mrpanda2002.wordpress.com/

User Info: RandoGamerKid

1 year ago#12
^ no ID

User Info: DysonSlinky

1 year ago#13
Name: Slinky
ID: 353614568
Rank: 291


Seymour full mlb
Ashe full mlb
Balthier full mlb
Sazh 35 mlb
Vincent 35 mlb
Tidus 35 +2, 15 mlb
Eiko 35 +2, 15 mlb
Vaan 35+2, 15 mlb
Terra 35 +2, 15 mlb
PSN: DysonSlinky (will not accept blank friend requests)
DFFOO: Slinky - 353614568 || Opera Omnia discord link: https://discord.gg/85PDdD4
(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: crunchroll

1 year ago#14
Followed back most of you except those I can't find on my follower's list (because they have no gfaqs tag) or those who have full followers list.

Please take note that people cannot follow you if you have full followers list. Just simply go over to your friends menu to clean it up!

Also, don't forget to update your Companion and equip your passives. An overused reminder yes, but it needs to be said every now and then.

Let's crush this Celes event!
"Anger is the last refuge of the pathetic" - Godot
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney : Trials and Tribulations

User Info: MyztykJay

1 year ago#15
Name/ID: Myztyk Jay / 462624024

Rank: 172? Ish.

Notable Characters:
Fully MLB (35 & 5* Armor) Vincent
Fully MLB and near perfect (4* weapon, 15 & 35; 5* armor and 1LB shy of MLB 4* armor) Steiner
MLB 15 & 35 (working on 5* armor) Celes
Then just some rando stuff for the others. Working on MLB for them. Especially Ashe’s 35.

Looking for: Active users, GameFAQs users (who have that in their info or let me know who they are!) have priority.
DFFOO 462624024 (MLB Steiner; 4* armor 1LB shy of "perfect")
FFBE: 774323008 (Various)
(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: MMXcalibur

1 year ago#16
Name: MMXcalibur
ID: 542255588

Rank: 115

Notable Characters:
Auron (15 and 35CPs, fully MLB, above average artifacts)
Zidane (15 and 35CPs, fully MLB, above average artifacts)

Looking for: More than 3 friends
CHIEFS : Playoff incompetence.
PENGUINS : Playoff competence.

User Info: Evening_Mog

1 year ago#17
Name/ID:Aya Brea/362484441


Support Character:Lightning.will change if the content demand it.

Notable Character:Full MLB Characters Equipped with 35CP and 5Star Armor with 15CP,4Star Weapon and Armor Passive except Lightning she doesnt have a 4Star weapon


Looking for:i'll add anyone with a gamefaqs or gfaqs on their message.
i'll delete anyone if they don't log in for 8days
DFFOO ID:Aya Brea 362484441

User Info: GeneralRaiden

1 year ago#18
Name/ ID Murasame/ 327453118
Rank: 153
Support: I currently alternate between Serah, Lightning and Eiko all with 15/35 CP abilities.

Looking for: Active players although I quite like uncommon supports to change things up now and then.

User Info: Volren617

1 year ago#19
Name: Volren

ID: 753464753

Rank: 158

Notable Characters:
Fully MLB: Eiko, Tidus, Papalymo, Vaan, Serah
Both weapons but not fully upgraded: Sazh, Aeris, Lion, Garnet, Squall, Edgar, Cloud, Ashe, Balthier

Right now I'm running Eiko as support

Looking for: Active players. 30 slots still open, will follow back anybody who's not running bronze WoL support
(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: WafflePower

1 year ago#20
Name/ID: wafflePOWER / 505377784

Rank: 246

Notable Characters:
- Vaan (15/35 MLB) as my current support
- Lightning (15/35 MLB)
- Terra (15 MLB/35, 1 LB)
- Balthier (15 MLB/ 35, 2 LB)

Looking for: Sazh, any active players :)
Dissidia OO ID: 505377784
(edited 1 year ago)
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