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  3. Your favorite character to play in co-op?

User Info: aivedoir

11 months ago#1
Your favorite character to play in co-op? - Results (68 votes)
11.76% (8 votes)
11.76% (8 votes)
7.35% (5 votes)
14.71% (10 votes)
10.29% (7 votes)
Support role (one of WoL/Yuna/Rem/Hope/Catgirl/Penelo/etc.)
29.41% (20 votes)
1.47% (1 vote)
Onion Knight
1.47% (1 vote)
One of the other Global characters.
11.76% (8 votes)
One of the JP characters yet to be released.
0% (0 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Which is the overall most fun character for you to play in multiplayer, whether it's fighting behemoth or marlboro? Cloud's cross slash spam? Zidane the speed demon? Yuna to support your party members?

User Info: Lazz3k

11 months ago#2
I voted zidane. I like his speed.
However, if doing marlboro run, and we dont have a yuna, ill switch to her for ease of battle.

Zidane - lvl 50 cl 47, 6* weapon
Yuna - lvl 50 cl 47, 6* weapon

User Info: dustin121284

11 months ago#3
i usually play yuna. spam esuna and people get to go ham on things

i love it when people bring her that play her like i do
"If at all possible, I prefer to forge my own path through life, then call it "destiny" once the cards have settled..."

User Info: AKMU

11 months ago#4
I played once with 2 Zidane's.

WTH I hardly got any turn!

User Info: Aitz

11 months ago#5

My girl is a power house who hits late but hit around 6k-7k damage
FEH FC: 1691818076 FFBE JP 7*s: Yuna, CG Citra, Lenneth and Freya
FFBE GL Player ID: 752966277. Orlandeau: 1015 ATK and Trance Terra: 1015 MAG FFDOO: 287899757

User Info: Krio Lv3

Krio Lv3
11 months ago#6
Vaan for DPS with brave/hp attacks.

Yuna for support.
3DS FC (For Pokemon Mainly): 3582 - 9560 - 3048

User Info: asimplefuture

11 months ago#7
Tough choice. I like brining in OK, and going Ninja first half, then full Sage against boss. He's kind of a dud against Malboro though, who's resistant to ice, and Multi-Hit isn't as powerful as Blizzard Combo.

Otherwise I enjoy Terra.
And Squall for efficiency.

I also have Yuna at the ready for Malboro.
FFBE: 392,787,455
OK 1160 Max LB || Trance Terra 1105 MAG || Marie 800 SPR || All the support available if needed ||

User Info: FionZyles

11 months ago#8
Yda, she is better in quick kill as she can move pretty quick and deals quite lots of damage
FFBE(JP) 360,263,426 - I am weak :(

User Info: Laws_of_Woo

11 months ago#9
I'm liking my support roles at the moment.
Y'sthola for her BRV battery + turn delay
Hope for his BRV battery + Shell/Protect
Laguna for his AoE BRV and debuffs

User Info: KeeperOfShadows

11 months ago#10
Zidane ATM. Quick and simple, which is exactly how I like my co-op experience to be.
FFBE GL - 628 117 535
Admitted Fina Fanboy
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