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User Info: kirby152

2 years ago#1
does it lag? like not at the beginning or anything. Cuz I remember when i played with my friend on steam, once we got around day 80-110 ish and we would have a decked out base, I would start lagging like crazy to the point we would have to make a new world, and thats how we played. just went to like day 100-110 till I couldnt play (my friend would host) and then we stopped.

after like 3-4 worlds it kinda got s***ty so i stopped playing. Saw this come out and saw the local co-op. I wanted to know if both screens are in high intense situations (for example full of beefalos or just a bunch of drops scattered, a big base or something), does the framerate drop or anything? or the ps4 can handle this game at high intensities like a boss?

in a more general sense, are there any problems with local co-op?

User Info: neo_strike3

2 years ago#2
I play local co op on 1 console then host online with another friend so 3 people. On day 87 with a huge base and tons beefalo with no problems
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