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  3. May 23rd, the day is finally here.....

User Info: SS4_Namreppiv

1 year ago#1
Has anyone actually gotten the game yet, either physical or digital? If so, how is it?

User Info: Nintendo415

1 year ago#2
Anyone? Would love to hear feed back as well
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User Info: the_real_eggman

1 year ago#3
Some folks in Canada started showing the physical copies.
I barely pre-ordered in time. Just gotta wait a couple days.
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User Info: orangeumbreon23

1 year ago#4
I hope more than Target and Amazon have the game cause while I rarely trade in games I have two that would cover the cost at Gamestop and they don't even have it listed online and I called to check, nothing in the system when the employee checked.
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User Info: Nate_Dihldorff

1 year ago#5
It is possible that all retailers will receive their copies later than expected.

User Info: SS4_Namreppiv

1 year ago#6
I know it's available on the eshop for download, I'm just curious to see if anyone had downloaded it and how it runs on the U. They're offering 75% off of DS2 if you buy this game.

User Info: ToxieDogg

1 year ago#7
I'm in the UK, I got a physical copy earlier.

Sadly, it's terrible, and I've put a complaint on Miiverse about it.

Well, the actual game is great but it crashes so much that it's more or less unplayable. It first crashed on me less than 5 minutes in, during the tutorial stuff at the start. Then it next crashed on me when I tried to quit back to the option screen. And then it crashed on me just after meeting Volgrim for the first time, so all this happened within the first 30 minutes of me playing it. Each time it crashed, the Wii U made a buzzing sound and the screen froze, all controls became unresponsive and the only thing I could do was power the console off/pull the plug.

It needs to be patched, it's unfit for purpose in the state it's in. But I'm not sure if they'll bother as the Wii U's technically a dead console. I was looking forward to playing it too :( I've gone back to the Xbox 360 for now and might also get a refund on the Wii U one, sadly.
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User Info: Citan22

1 year ago#8
^ wow, that is disappointing.. and considering Darksiders 2 was a launch game infamous for locking up the Wii U, i wonder what it is about how these games are coded that just doesn't agree with the console.

i'm not sure if Darksiders 2 received a patch addressing the issue either.. instead, i think the Wii U itself got a system update that helped overall performance.
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User Info: Zacek

1 year ago#9
Today is the day!
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User Info: spaceludes

1 year ago#10
FWIW I've got a digital copy and it's playing just fine 10 hours in.
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