My thoughts on the game so far

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User Info: fon1988

6 months ago#1

- The story is so ridiculous that I'm enjoying it. It's completely out there and a far cry from the more simple stories the Sonic games have been giving us recently but I'm liking it.

- The music is amazing. I want to buy the soundtrack. I understand some people don't like lyrics while playing the stages but hot damn this is awesome in my opinion.

- Graphics (Though not as good as Xbox and PS4) I do generally think the game looks good.

- Character creation. It's not the best creator ever but for what it is I like it. You can get all sorts of things and really make the character your own.



- In between every single level there are dialogue boxes to go through with the character's heads just talking to each other. This is okay sometimes but gets repetitive.

- The 2D Sections in the Modern Sonic/Shadow/Custom Hero stages. I don't know, they just feel more awkward than they did in the previous boost games. I find myself falling off ledges, slamming into enemies, missing platforms, etc way too often.

- Short levels. Sometimes it seems like when a level gets going it's just over.

- Too much 2D. There are 3D sections here and there but they are over so fast.

Overall I think the game is passable. It's not the worst Sonic game ever and it's not the best one either. There are far far worse games in the series. It just comes off as rushed and mediocore on a lot of parts.

I would say if you really enjoyed the previous boost games you'll find some stuff to like here. The price point is good at $40 but I think $20 would be the sweet spot.
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User Info: blazingsonic

6 months ago#2
I hope Sega would add longer levels as DLC but they did promise free DLC.
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