Let's face it. Do you actually want Sonic Adventure 3?

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User Info: edward18

3 months ago#12
I think the Adventure games were just fine.
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User Info: Supersonichalo7

3 months ago#13
Depends how they handle other characters. They should make characters like Tails and Knuckles have traditional "get to the end" stages with no "mech suits" or "emerald finding" nonsense because both of those sections are awful
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User Info: Ikorus13

3 months ago#14
i wouldnt object to an adventure 3.

i wouldnt object to not getting it either. i dont think we need an adventure 3 headline honestly. just return to that old school 2d platforming physics, but in full 3d. plus that title would bring up certain expectations, and im not confident sega and sonic team are equipped to meet those expectations these days.

as for the multiple characters with different playstyles, i beleive forces avatar was explicitly designed to be all of these characters in one with switching which wispon you take into a stage. in other words, the avatar REPLACES the rest of the sonic cast, barring sonic himself. all you need for more characters is more wisps. want to glide like knuckles? eagle has you covered. want to play an aiming sight shooting gallery like eggman? how about we bring back laser?

maybe one day we can continue the narrative set by a1->a2->heroes->shadow->06 (well 06 infninitely loops onto itself and also self-retcons out of existence so ymmv on whether it counts) but it doesnt necessarily need to be called adventure 3, or be part of the grand return to 3d platforming. i would just like to some day see both of those things happen, either together or independently. what name they're given isn't important.

p.s: "Silver the Hedgehog" game when?
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User Info: kirby230

3 months ago#15
06 was already Sonic Adventure 3 in all but name, so we already have a third adventure game. As for getting another Adventure style game in general, I wouldn't be against it, since I liked the adventure games other than 06(though I also haven't played them in over half a decade, so who knows what my thoughts would be now.), but given the overall spotty quality of Sonic Team's games, I'd be pretty skeptical rather than remotely hyped.

User Info: i-rock-socks

3 months ago#16
No and I never did
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User Info: MasterDarken

3 months ago#17
I would, as long as they don't make the same mistakes they did with 06. Yes, it was meant to be the "new Adventure", but let's face it, they dropped the ball on that one. And it's fine, for humans learn best when making mistakes!

If they ever attempt SA3 or to make something similar again, here's hoping they did in fact learn a thing or two open using an open-world field of sorts. Oh, and bring back the Treasure Hunt levels. Cause everyone loved those, but dear god, we need Big the Cat back. Just to spite all those who cried foul against his specialness.

User Info: Gamechamp3k

3 months ago#18
There's one critical thing to remember: the Sonic Team that currently exists is so far removed from the team that made Sonic Adventure 2, any attempt to make a successor would inherently be no more a "true" sequel than any fan work.

I see no reason to hope for SA3 from Sonic Team any more than a fanmade spiritual sequel from any other developer.
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User Info: Jonor57

3 months ago#19
Only if there is no mech-shooting or treasure-hunting. In other words, no alternate playstyles. Also, they need to significantly improve the Adventure-style gameplay. It is not as flawless as some people make it out to be.
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User Info: edward18

3 months ago#20
I loved the Treasure Hunting Stages. Part of the fun for me was just exploring every bit of them.
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Apparently Edward: Wise Old Sage of Korodai
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