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User Info: Linker2A03

1 year ago#31
Tony_Biggie_Pun posted...
Sizz-Lorr! said...
Tony_Biggie_Pun posted...
Vulcan422 posted...


I loved this part. And also the part where Omega was bugging out saying I Am Not Weak during the shadow episode

How can you remember something I said if you weren't there?

I think it was implying that Infinite hacked into Omega either that or he was Playing tricks on shadows Mind

I'm going to hope you're correct with the first suggestion, but the fact of the matter is that Infinite was trying to use a phrase of significance to Shadow, yet usually to jog someone's memory, that person has to have the experience in the first place in order to provide a memory jog of any sort. You may be right though, but given how the only kind of loops Sonic Team can create flawlessly in a Sonic game are loopholes, I wouldn't put it past them.

User Info: Totoro

1 year ago#32
This whole crap story is laughable but the im not weak part was the biscut.
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User Info: RoRoCraziness

1 year ago#33





User Info: SpunkySix

1 year ago#34
OmnimonX12345 posted...
"NOne oF tHiS Is gOoD VeCtOr. ThAt'S wHy It'S CalLeD wAR."

I'm waiting for the CoD spinoff coop campaign starring Knuckles and Vector.

Also it's kind of incredible that they managed to attempt to play a trope straight that was already being mocked in the lead-up to the game as being ridiculously cheesy:


Like this was a meme and people made fun of it for how stupid it was and there they are putting the same sort of thing in the actual script for no goddamn reason. Sure, why not.

I feel like they wrote themselves into a corner.

True, though it was an obvious corner for them to see coming.

And you're right about Knuckles, but if you think about it he's still not really portrayed as an effective leader. He just kind of yells things at some randos and then they repeatedly fail to hold off some robot assaults that don't even seem to affect the outcome of anything Sonic does. And then they punch some clones, I guess.
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