I forgot how trash co-op was

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User Info: Atmaboy

8 months ago#1
Just got the game tonight. Was hoping it was something I could play with the wife, then I was quickly reminded that in Sonic games the screen only follows player 1, thus 2nd player is constantly left behind and can easily lose their bearings. For some reason my memory played a trick on me, thinking that split-screen was part of standard co-op and not just competitive MP. Split screen would've been ideal as she doesn't have the gamer instincts to stay on screen.

I'm sure I'll enjoy playing by myself, but co-op being trash was something I really wanted them to fix. I know it's a nostalgia game, but that doesn't mean you can't improve it.
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User Info: Aurafox1

8 months ago#2
The Tails getting left behind bit is a tradeoff with Tails' invincibility. If Tails gets left too far behind he'll reappear next to Sonic. It's also a lot easier for a second player to carry Sonic than to tell the AI to pick Sonic up.
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  3. I forgot how trash co-op was

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