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User Info: IrvingZissman

4 years ago#1
Each mercenary can receive up to 3 stat upgrades from cases. Wherever I've listed two different upgrade values it means you can get either or; I haven't figured out yet if they come in a set order or if it's random which one you get each time. Keeping that in mind the final stats I've listed are approximations for every merc with variable upgrades.

Stats are listed thusly:
* merc name*
starting health - starting melee +health bonus from upgrades+melee bonus from ugprades.
maxed: max health - max melee

* Medic *
325-20 +100 +10 maxed: 625hp 50melee
The medic has the lowest stats but she's pretty good in the early game. Her ability heals 300hp. She can be used to bank a lot of easy cash and ammo on every map with Queens- since a single heal wipes all poison and early on in the game Queens do very low damage you can basically sit in battle chipping away at a Queen's health with the axe and killing Scorpions whenever they spawn; make sure to clear corpses so you can always target newly-spawned Scorpions, and ideally equip a weapon that can 1hko them.

* Mercenary *
385-10 +100 +20 maxed: 685hp 70melee
Don't invest too much into him, as soon as you find the Scout he becomes irrelevant. While they generate similar amounts of extra cash per map, the Scout also provides you with ammo and tends to last longer with health drops so overall she's more useful. The only situation in which you might want to buy upgrades for him is if you find the Vector rifle before you find the Scout.

* Scout *
365-20 +100/150 +25 maxed: 715hp 95melee
She's your favourite merc. She has the highest melee, probably because her weapon dmg output is the lowest. You should play her as often as possible in the early game so you generate enough ammo and currency to use your more critical mercs (d-scout, d-trooper, commando) later on when you need to.

* Commando *
475-10 +100 +15 maxed: 775hp 55melee
Very strong merc, you will need to drop some money on him for when you start seeing Gargoyles. His freeze ability grants him a lot of extra durability.

* Delta Trooper *
425-15 +200+15 / +150+20 maxed: 925hp 70melee
His ability turns everything into the weakest monsters in the game, like Slime and Mutant. It's definitely the strongest offensive ability, definitely stronger than d-scout since it does the same as Cunning Trick (removes abilities) but it also causes a massive hp and dmg drop. As an added bonus it makes ghosts leave gibs.
The d-trooper is difficult to use consistently because plasma is a very rare ammo, especially since it might take a while to find the d-trooper and Liquidus gun and you will likely be tempted to spend plasma with the more-common X-ray weapons.

* Delta Scout *
625-55 +100/150 +20 maxed: 975hp 115melee (without weapon upgrades)
Amazingly useful for grinding, she doesn't need ammo so you can use her without remorse. Her final upgraded damage is 230 with splash and 3x crit, and unlike the other mercs' main weapons it doesn't need to reload and it cannot be frozen.

* Assault Trooper *
575-10 +250 +15 maxed: 1325hp 55melee
Highest final health by a lot. His ability deals 100dmg to all enemies. Considering his ultimate gun (Winner) deals splash he is technically much stronger than the Commando offensively; the drawbacks are obviously that Freeze is a stronger ability and that there seem to be a lot more enemies with bullet resist than shell resist. Shells seem to be a more common pickup too.

* Sniper *
???-?? +250 +15 maxed: idk havent checked yet
His ability deals 1000dmg to a random monster and it 1hkos a lot of things even in the late game. The Sniper also deals the most single-shot damage with his ultimate rifle (Predator), 240 with a 4x crit I think.

User Info: IrvingZissman

4 years ago#2
K got the sniper stats. His starting melee is randomly 18.

* Sniper *
275-18 +250 +15 maxed: 1025hp 63melee
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