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User Info: gundam00fan

4 years ago#1
put 7 hrs into it at this point, about 35 missions in the game at this point, i wanna take my time and redo some of them though,

i've played both macross ultimate and triangle frontier as well as 2 of the DVD hybrid PS3 games (not macross 30 )

i'm gonna make this review my final cause ive played enough to have a strong opinion of it and talk about the obvious flaws as well as the obvious amazing things about this game.

GFX: 9/10
could hardly complain
graphically this is much closer to the PS3 games rather than an upraised PSP game (like battle destiny did :/ )
to some extent, one could go and say this is one of the best looking vita games out there and he wouldn't be out of his mind!
the framerate is the best any artdink macross game has ever been, rarely dropping if at all, unlike the ps3 games who got choppy like crazy a lot of time(missile massacre lol)
the added light effects and blur durring the dashing are great and really add to the experience.

although the space envirnments are a a bit empty, that's also where the few iddy little bit of lag occur durring the battleships exploding like KBOKAPOWWWW!!!!!!lol the cities are definitly a nice change from the psp era, i forgot what they looked like on ps3 but i think it's about that level of detail, little to no pixelization.

the gameplay user interface is not too obtrusive as the camera is nicely positioned

the resolution is native for the vita, making everything shard, the edges of the models are very smooth boasting easily some of the best Anti Aliasing out there, artdink are not new to portable yet alone vita games, and this shows! delta scramble does not disapoint!

Sounds: 6/10
not amazed, but can be fixed to a 10/10 by the user!

indeed macross, especially delta being all about the muzic, this is a bit of a let down, some of the ingame mission musics are just recycled from their generic psp games, the loading and menu musics arn't really thrilling and feel too elevator generic if that makes sense... fortunatly as i mentioned in another thread of this forum, the music is most definitly costumizable through the PS VITA SYSTEM multitask passthrough, the game does not disable custom VITA music! so say goodbye to the poor battle music and the short songs and make way for Pirate of the Carabbeans music and Sawano Xenoblade music and the Full versions of the songs from all Macross animes!! :D

kinda feel bad for the rich suckers who bought the sp editions , and props to Artdink for not disabling this feature...or not... noticing..? .. O___O"

User Info: gundam00fan

4 years ago#2
Content/story: 6/10
this point cannot be brought to 10 by the user, no matter how much you want it, DLC or not

by far the weakest aspect of the game, while not as bad as the PS3 "demo" discs, the content is severely lacking in comparison to the PSP titles, this is a shame considering that, although the graphic do justify a full remodeling effort from the devs, (although they have all the assets from the PS3 games so wtf) the game content lacking is just inexcusable.
for the first time in my knowledge is artdink going to do DLC... we were used to 100+ unit rosters from their macross and gundam games and now this 20+ roster (including skins) is affording itself an expensive 10 bucks dlc for a mere few units...
this is annoying but i can forgive the lack of units as the game is mostly cattered toward Delta...and delta doesn't even have movie versions yet, nor does it boast a great mech roster to begin with.

the real problem are the available modes... option mode...shop mode...hangar...and mission mode. yes you read correclty, tere is ONE gaming mode...mission is divided into 3 sets of missions from the Windermian, the Delta team, and the Extras, that's it, no custom battle, no dating simulation, no multiplayer, no rpg...

that's a tough sell, and it's a shame because the game really deserved everything artdink could have gave it. it's a bit bare bones, and although you have plenty of missions to go with, even without the extra 8 missions announced it's still pretty bare bone, and screams CUSTOM BATTLE like a goast from the past,

to be honest, it feels like the devs didn't finish the whole game ...maybe the game director was a windermian and just died young like the others...darn it

Gameplay: 9.6/10

i am pulling this one out of my arsh but if you liked macross games before, you're gonna love this one, i can't speak for macross 30, but this is definitly the best macross games have ever got imo,
it is fast paced, smooth, they added dashs and evasion maneuvers, and you still can chose between standard and real flight mode, standard being more flashy and fun, real being more precise and simulation like when flying... both are fun and i often find myself switching between the other

the customization artdink is known for is back and better than before, you can now DE-UPGRADE your stats to gane TP points and use them to boost some other stats... usually to keep the game engaging i lower my defence and my HP and i boost my machine gun and rockets, making the game more risk heavy and more nervous.
just a suggestion for other pilots out there...^__^

tbh i have little to complain, they could have made the AI custumizable maybe... at least letting us tune the mission difficulty...or maybe add a mission editor! :D ...again content problems more than anything :/


this is gonna be a 9/10 for those drooling of a vita macross games and who happen to LOVE macross delta...and it's gonna be a 6 to a 7/10 for the others

this is a good game, it's just that artdink has CLEARLY started down the mainstream slope, and i don't like it...they used to make niche games with mindblowing content...now they're just making niche game...with correct content.

FANTASTIC games for those who know what to await from this.

can't wait for the dlc thanks for reading, i do hope you pick this up and support artdink.
may more macross games come from this!


User Info: gundam00fan

4 years ago#3
also, here's a little bonus for those of you who wanted a wallpaper

User Info: Drakeon01

4 years ago#4
How do you use the "multitask passthrough" you mentioned? I thought it wasnt an option.

I dont regret the run pika edition at all, but more music selection is never a bad thing.

User Info: macrossdyrl

4 years ago#5
Thanks for the review fellas...I still need to pick up a copy.

User Info: gundam00fan

4 years ago#6
sorry for the typos i made,
thanks for reading hope it helped some

i only wish they would make the ammo limited, make it a little bit less arcadish, and more tactical...


i answered you in the custom music thread i made, just hold the home button basically ^^

User Info: Sarlandogo

4 years ago#7
can we use the macross elysion here?

User Info: gundam00fan

4 years ago#8

no clue, it's best to assume you can't...

User Info: Drakeon01

4 years ago#9

Only units are valkyries, regults and zentradi pods

User Info: Sarlandogo

4 years ago#10
damn my hype just died, nvm will just look forward to SD Gundam Genesis
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