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User Info: My_death

2 years ago#1
I played it for maybe an hour or 2, and im not sure if it is.

at the start playing vs other noobs it seem pretty balance and honestly fun. I lost 1 and won 3 and one of those came down to literally the last card and won by 1 point.

but then i was match vs someone who was way higher level and got destroy.
it seems like every card he played was better than anything i had.

the first round it wasn't even close, the second round seem closer but then he used a card that wiped a alot of my power, we went from been both in the mid 30 to him been 50+ and me in the late teens.
he played a card that somehow had 25 power, because of some clash thing on it. which seems completely broken.

so that seems extremely unfair, looking at the card he played there was honestly nothing i could possibly have done to win that game.

User Info: Rampagingwalrus

2 years ago#2
Looks like it, a bit. Card packs are so rare, unless you pay for them, and their rewards are so mediocre, usually, that unless you get super lucky, or buy a vast plethora of packs, you are stuck with s***ty cards.
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User Info: WallaceFTW

2 years ago#3
I mean, I don't know what you expected in a free to play card game. It's better than most, if that makes any difference.
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User Info: ezio899

2 years ago#4
Same story for me just now, Won some lost some all good. Found a guy playing niflgard which is fine. First card he played was a 25 and then he shot to 60 on turn 2......yea that is totally fair >_>

User Info: xAlphazonex

2 years ago#5
All trading card games are Pay to Win unless the game literally gives you the entire collection.

Asking this is akin to asking if fire is hot.
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User Info: MasterNinja89

2 years ago#7
Deezul posted...
I would say its NOT pay to win cuz you still have to be able to make solid decks and good plays... but its definitely pay to save yourself 1000 hours of your f***ing life for as slow as the money/resource grind is. Jesus Christ.

It takes like 30 games to buy one card pack and its a stupid resource cost for any decent support cards.

Do you earn way more in ranked or something? I just started.. i'm up to level 4.. but i'm giving up if this is the hill i face if i wont pay money for packs of digital cards.

30 games? You only need to win 6 rounds for the first keg every day... Y'all are lucky at the start of closed beta you had to win the game for progress towards dailies, now that was BS. Winning rounds is easy most of the time your opponent will just let you win a round anyway.

EDIT: Oh yeah and the starter decks sucked ass in closed beta too, the only gold card you got was Geralt and the only silvers you got was a 10 strength card with no ability for each faction, Scorch and Prize winning cow.
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User Info: MasterNinja89

2 years ago#9
Deezul posted...
I was exaggerating a bit about 30 games tho honestly thats not much of an exaggeration. The daily 6rnd wins freebie barely makes a dent on how slow the grind feels.

It wouldnt be so bad if you didnt get a random reward for all the other reward milestones and it gave you ALL the rewards.. or at least always the money. Getting a measly 15ore OR 15mil-points OR 15dust OR 1 random card is ass. Especially when you realize it takes hundreds and up to over a 1000 points to craft a lot of the decent cards you need to round out a viable deck that you may never see out of a pack.

Hell looking at the daily rewards list.. if you win 66 rounds a day.. at least 33 games.. if by some miracle you get the Ore reward everytime thats only 405 ore a day. I think.. i suck at math but if i'm even close.. thats awful for how long it takes to play a game. Thats a lot of time for basically nothing. DAILY.

You'll get quite a few packs for leveling rewards but those are one time deals and leveling is super slow.

I guess what i'm saying is the stick is way too long and the carrot is way too small for me. If thats what you're into tho.. enjoy.

I already made a decent enough deck just from the rewards for the doing the challenges and leveling up a few times (10 kegs atleast) obviously you can't just make the best deck straight away as f2p. If you don't like it just play a little every day the rewards are much better for winning 6 rounds (or 18 if you have extra time) a day than grinding for 5 hours in 1 day for 66 round wins.

User Info: My_death

2 years ago#10
I understand that most if not all F2P games will have a grind.
But to me the difference between good and fair and paytowin is how big of a difference the items you are buying make.

Take for example hearthstone.
You can take a starting deck and actually be competitive in the lower to mid levels, on high level it will not be but if you get lucky you can still win.

But here it feel like starting decks are outclass from the start.

I think that maybe it's that you can play anycard at any point.
So you can play a supper strong card at turn one and there is really no drawback to it.

Maybe if they implemented some cost to play card it would make the game abit more balanced.
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