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User Info: brandonkiser

4 years ago#11
JorKat54 posted...
I will send an Amazon Road Trip code up front with the other two to follow once the trade is received if any of you guys want them and have the Royal Raiment and/or the Angler set. Let me know, and no scams here, just an honest guy who annoyed the heck out of Amazon and Square Enix and got extra codes after I already redeemed working ones, lol.

and you're honest? trustworthy? you lied to get something free. are you joking?

User Info: platypus6c

4 years ago#12
Actually have done several successful trades on here but T.C. is a thief. Too bad about some people, ruin it for the rest

User Info: domogamer

4 years ago#13
platypus6c posted...
I did get ripped off.... what a crook, guess there are no honesty good people left

Dude that really sucks D: sorry to hear. What was the code btw? If you don't mind sharing seeing that it's already been claimed
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