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User Info: Weems2k

3 years ago#11
I just started Madhouse with all the extra goodies unlocked. Reading a few guides, it would seem that the Mia fight in the beginning is the hardest part for this difficulty. Surprisingly, it wasn't too bad once I got her pattern down. Blocking when she does here running chainsaw lunge is definitely the key in that fight. Now I'm starting the Main House. A few surprises, like Jack running like he just got a brand new pair of Nike Air's. I had to go back to my Metal Gear Solid techniques. Got past the Garage fight with ease, and now just starting into the basement. Should be fun.
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User Info: Shadow1970

3 years ago#12
Would anyone who has beaten madhouse mode be willing to use my Xbox email and password to beat it again for me and save to my cloud? I know I won't be able to do it myself. I have every other unlockable but just want the infinite ammo! A code for $25 Microsoft money for whoever does it.

User Info: TheConstable

3 years ago#13
I just finished too. 5 hrs 29 min 17 deaths. But I had the 100% defense while blocking, the circular saw and stay glasses so it wasn't that bad, just go slow with the saw out
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User Info: MrB4DGuY

3 years ago#14
Beat it. Then realized there was an achvment for beating madhouse with all coins. Had to beat it twice in a row smh
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