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User Info: HarryKe0gh

2 months ago#1
To anyone thinking of buying this game...

I don't have a lot of disposable income, hence I buy most of my hames 2nd hand, or in the sales.

Anyway Spider-Man was to be my next purchase.
In my local games shop it had recently been £28 and as with most stuff any dlc was not included (this was always marked on the price label.

So I went into my local gamestore and was pleasantly surprised to see it waa now £25 - bargain I thought, and bought it.

On the way home I noticed that the (no dlc included)
had been removed from the price label.

So I get home, put the disk in and then the usual wait as the latest update installs, so I'm looking through the inserts I noticed that one was a voucher code (bound to have already been used).

...update finally installs and Im ready to go, curious about the redeem code I gave it a try - and I get all three extra levels!

So I was more than pleased with my bargin purchase.

I've been back into the shop since, and seems all 2nd hand Spider-man games are complete with full dlc

User Info: CSCA33

2 months ago#2
You sure it was the actual DLC content “city that never sleeps?” It sounds to me like you got the pre-order or digital deluxe bonuses, which unlocks some suits/gadget early with five extra skill points.

User Info: HarryKe0gh

2 months ago#3
Not sure, you tell me... I got 1 voucher code on the back of a multi language booklet (I dont think the norm for UK release?) And it just said the usual how to download your bonus digital items.
When I put the code in it told me I had something like 1 active...? Cant actually remember exactly the word.
So I was just expecting 1 of something, but it let me download Silver Lining, The Heist & Turf Wars from PSN. I haven't seen any bonus items anywhere.

I def have no extra skill points.

User Info: TheAntiZealot

2 months ago#4
Sounds legitimate.

The final test is to go into your file and open your menu. Then tab over to the DLC section where it shows your story progression and see if you have all 4 campaigns.
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User Info: HarryKe0gh

2 months ago#5
Yeah if Im in a game I can tab over to dlc and main story, plus the three I downloaded are there.

I don't know if this is a one off and Ive just been lucky or it was sold with dlc?

User Info: CSCA33

2 months ago#6
Color me surprised. Nice find.

User Info: bakasora

2 months ago#7
and FFXIII is garbage.

User Info: Xclaim

2 months ago#8
It is possible to find a pre-owned game with an unused code in it. It's rare, but it does happen.
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