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User Info: ragin_rebel

3 months ago#1
I quickly figured out that I couldn't play this game "like Arkham" (standing still and fighting enemies as they come to me) but I keep dying from just the stupidest little things. Like, I realized the usefulness of the 'pop them into the air then air combo them' tactic so I leaned on that pretty heavily - only problem is now I'm getting shot while in the air and losing a lot of health. Also, the dodge seems to have a 50% effectiveness for me, in that sometimes I can just dodge around and can avoid attacks, while other times I end up dodging right into a brute, shield guy, or rocket and again losing health. And when I try to execute a plan of any sort or experiment with different moves I often get straight-up interrupted by someone's attack and end up just spamming dodge and web strike just to not die, only to die sometimes anyway. I just started getting the demon crimes popping up and some of them I had to resort to using Spider-Bro b/c they were so difficult, but I hated having to use such an OP ability just to survive. I want to like this game, and apart from getting my ass kicked so much I do so far: every other aspect of the game pulls me in, but whenever I get into a fight with common enemies it's just... I dunno. Am I missing something like a specific upgrade that will make things more bearable, or do I just need more practice? I know that this game doesn't play like the Arkham series, but with those I could jump right in and start kicking ass no problem, whereas in this one it's one problem after another.

Anyways, sorry for the rant. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. (playing on Amazing btw)

User Info: Banjo2553

3 months ago#2
It takes some practice, I'd say to keep at it. Game gets much harder by endgame (as expected) and even harder with the DLC, if you choose to get that.

There's a suit mod that slow down time when perfect dodging, and skills that increase the window for perfect dodging and slows down time when you're about to take a fatal blow. I recommend using those, they help me a lot. Plus I'm just a fan of Bayonetta-style "dodge to slow time" mechanics.
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User Info: ragin_rebel

3 months ago#3
Cool, thanks.

(I literally just figured out that for the swing kick you just need to hold square, when I thought you had to swing with R2 then hit square - might make things easier)

User Info: Joant73

3 months ago#4
Its sounds like you may be button mashing a bit to much, its not a button masher, you want to be deliberate in your combat. Dont just mash circle to dodge a bunch of times, dodge specific attacks then launch your own. If you dodge to early brutes will still track to you and hit you, there punches are on a bit of a delay and come in threes so you have to time it right. Wait for the dodge indicator, same with guns when you are in the air, wait for the lock on to start to turn red then dodge, you can still dodge mid air. Abilities and such will help as you level, and yea it does take some getting used to, definitely stick with it, you will get there, I died a bit in the beginning but can wreck huge mobs now no problem.

Use your webs an gadgets, you dont have to knock everyone out, if you knock someone against a wall or to the ground, shoot a few webs at them and they will be webbed up and out of the fight, this works on brutes as well. Use web bombs to control numbers so you dont have everyone coming at you. Move a lot. If you start to get overwhelmed move away so they run after you and you can take them on in smaller groups. Also, use the environment, swing objects around an throw them, etc. I know that was a lot, hope it helps. THe combat can be so rewarding once you get it down and mix all your abilities well. And don't forget to use your suit power and finishers.

User Info: midgitninja1

3 months ago#5
Banjo2553 posted...
There's a suit mod that slow down time when perfect dodging,

I've used this mod for so long that I didn't even know it was a suit mod hahaha
I could not imagine playing this game without this
Don't worry...It's a good touch
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It's a really fun mod on top of being so useful.
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User Info: Jimbeamjunior

3 months ago#7
Web blossom is an absolute life saver, if you start getting mobbed and find it hard to escape, web blossom literally ends a wave of enemies for you

Other than that i use the suit powers that mean you take less damage from melee and bullets

As others have said if you feel you are being overwhelmed, get out of there, a quick jump and web gets you a buildings length away, or if you are in a base, zipline to a higher point, make them come to you one at a time

Other than that its just practise, you don't need to kill an enemy first time, if there's a few you can multi hit one to stun him, focus on another one, then another, keep varying your targets so enemies dont get a lock on you, and most importantly keep moving in the fight
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User Info: Ozarkk

3 months ago#8
If you've opened the affiliated skills, practice webbing enemies and then holding triangle to swing them around and knock other enemies down. While swinging, aim for a surface (ie. wall, car, lampost, etc.) that once the swing is done, it will web the enemy to that surface taking them out of combat.

I always do this with Brutes and it effectively takes them out of battle instead of trying to fight them.
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User Info: milkmanv1

3 months ago#9
Don't hoard your gadgets, they're easy to replenish (finishers automatically refill one) so use your crowd control gadgets often if you find yourself continuously overwhelmed. The gadgets will be OP against normal mooks especially early on, which makes sense, you're a genius superhero, but as you get deeper, the game will ask more out of you in terms of enemy types. But for now, if something's OP, don't resist, the game wants you to use that.
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User Info: TheAntiZealot

3 months ago#10
I've written a lot about combat in various topics on this board. So look around and find my posts as well as useful advice from other people. There is also a video topic that was posted which is a valuable resource.

I am quite sleepy, so I may be incoherent:

Focus on not getting hit. Focus on mobility. Use your offensive attacks primarily to stay alive, not to do damage.

Lose the idea that your goal is to hurt or damage foes. Instead, replace it with the idea that your goal is control foes and stop them from being effective in any way.

Remember, Spider-Man can splatter their skulls with a single punch. He can even break their bones by simply flexing when they punch him.

Spider-Man's goal is not to hurt them, but to slow them down, stop them, control them, hinder them, stifle them, and make their efforts futile.

Make that your goal. Hit one enemy so that he flinches, then hit another and hop over him. Dodge. Yank another into the air for a combo. Dodge. Webstrike the distant gunner so he can't shoot. Launch him and web him when he hits the ground. Dodge under the whip enemy so he can't whip. Perfect dodge the brute so he gets webbing in his eyes. Dodge the rocket. Web the rocket man to the wall. Dodge. Jump. Dodge. Jump. Dodge. Jump. Circle. X. Dodge to the wall and Square for a flying punch, knocking foes to the ground. Focus on who ever is trying to attack you and leave the rest for later.

Practice, practice, practice. And realize that I got the game in early January and am still finding ways to improve. So be patient with yourself.
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