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  3. What's your favorite main mission, side mission, and activity??? *spoilers*

User Info: BulletsOfLiquid

2 months ago#1
For me, it goes a little something like this.

Main mission-Straw, meet camel: I honestly was in awe during this whole mission. Not only was it the mission that was showcased in E3 that made me excited for the game, but actually playing it didn't disappoint. I felt like I was in an action sequence during an epic Spider-Man movie. It felt like everything a good Spider-Man sequence should have. From trailing the buildings to web and nab up bad guys to swinging through the city chasing after a freakin' helicopter, to webbing up the crane. All epic, all Spider-Man. And the title of the mission perfectly sums up the game at this point of the story.

Side Mission-Helping Howard: To be honest, I thought I would hate this mission.. "I'm a superhero trying to stop the apocalypse from happening but yet you want me to save some pigeons?" But damn, it was oddly satisfying catching those damn birds.

Activity-Collecting the backpacks: It was fun to read more of the in-universe lore. How did this particular Peter Parker came to be Spider-Man, what little events transpired before and how he worked out his superhero machinations.

Special nod to the Black Cat mission where you have to chase her. Just felt like a great comic reference to their relationship. Very well done.
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User Info: noizedemon

2 months ago#2
I like the scene where he had to fall asleep on the roof.

my only problem with this game was when you fight shocker the second time(?), Parker talks way too much to the point of distracting me trying to focus on the fight. I had to crank down the dialogue volume for that.

User Info: verbalizeray

2 months ago#3
I’d rather enjoyed “The One That Got Away”, just love how detailed Grand Central Station is.

User Info: Banjo2553

2 months ago#4
I'm in agreement too, that Straw Meet Camel mission is great. Bonus points to the Scorpion one because of how bizarre it is.

Side mission type? I'm...not really sure. But one of my favorite research missions is swinging through the city skyline while there's electric barriers below and above you. Legit reminded me of old-school Spidey games for some reason with the limited visibility and extremely "game"ish concepts to keep you in the skyline.
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User Info: IceCreamOnStero

2 months ago#5
I liked pretty much everymain mission, but my favourite is the one where you chase the helicopter.

Out of the side missions, I liked the one where you have to help a girl who's doing birdwatching. I liked how it was a showcase of the small time activities Spidey does when theres isn't anything big going on.

I liked the backpacks because the items were fun to look at.
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  3. What's your favorite main mission, side mission, and activity??? *spoilers*