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User Info: IceCreamOnStero

1 month ago#1
The crimes were super tiring.
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User Info: SSJKaioShin

1 month ago#2
Congrats, yeah the crimes are definitely easier if you do them as they show up. I did every crime as it popped up so by the end I only had a handful across the districts so as I was cleaning up collectibles I easily got them done.
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User Info: singhellotaku

1 month ago#3
yeah, i really tried to prioritize them as I played, but I still had around 40 left after, finally finished it up today after doing the dlc.

Now just have to do the ng+ trophies, but those can wait a year or so until I feel like another playthrough.
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User Info: Falling Down

Falling Down
1 month ago#4
Congrats, this game is a decent plat., definitely be proud.
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User Info: MrDude1

4 weeks ago#5
Me too. One of the best open world games I ever played. As a batman fan, I think this is better than any batman game.

Most of the crimes were fun to do, except the sable crimes, those guys have all sorts of annoying tech like jet packs and stuff that makes them a pain.
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User Info: Vodoo

4 weeks ago#6
I just bought the dlc on sale 3 days ago and 100%'d them all by today. Those dlc challenges really sucked.
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