3 months ago #4
    Honestly, your OP thread question is a little loaded. Because the answer is, only if you enjoy it is it worth it to do all that stuff. It sounds to me like you are chomping at the bit to play the RE2 remake, which tells me that you are either bored with Spider-Man, don't like it all that much, or are just so excited by RE2 that it wouldn't matter if this INSOMNIAC's game was the e-equivalent of a hot supermodel naked on your bed, you would still want to be done so you can get to RE2.

    If its the latter, then might I suggest you simply shelve the game and come back when you have had your fill of the new RE2, or need an extended break from it? If its the former, then maybe you are just done with the game and don't care about playing Spidey anymore. In which case, just sell it, trade it, or stick it on the shelf in case you ever want to come back to it for the lulz.