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    Pig143 posted...
    Average at best means no real impact.

    A story that leaves "no real impact" is a bad story.

    Average at best =/= bad.

    Pig143 posted...
    Yep, definitely criticizing people. Most do and on a regular basis

    Calling others "simple-minded" for being "swayed by the ending" is rather unnecessary criticism.

    Pig143 posted...
    They realized they made no impact and had to kill someone off

    Miles's father dies at the end of Act 1.

    Pig143 posted...
    Which was the safest kill choice possible aside from random NPC

    She was not a safe choice considering if they handled her death terribly, it would have damaged the ending upon closing out the story.

    Pig143 posted...
    The point wasn't people agreeing with me, it's just to show some weren't swayed till the ending

    Does not change the fact that it wasn't a great thread for you to make your point due to the overall lack of that kind of feedback present in the topic. Unless you're making the more general argument that anyone who thought that the ending was good are the "simple-minded who were swayed", in which case...no.
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