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    Wicked_T_Wraith posted...
    Average at best does not mean the story as a whole leaves no impact.

    It's not a matter of giving praise; you're criticizing people who see the ending in a way you don't. And, clearly, not a lot of people agree with you.

    If Insomniac really wanted to play it safe, nobody close to Peter would have died.

    Yet it still wasn't a good sample size, considering there were at least 12 or more different posters, and most of them said nothing that aligned with your opinion. That made for a terrible example for you to use, and goes against the argument you are trying to debate.

    Average at best means no real impact.

    Yep, definitely criticizing people. Most do and on a regular basis

    They realized they made no impact and had to kill someone off
    Which was the safest kill choice possible aside from random NPC

    The point wasn't people agreeing with me, it's just to show some weren't swayed till the ending
    Hackers win at games but they still lose at life, i used to hate them but then i realized they have to cheat so now i just feel sorry for them.