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    Pig143 posted...
    Yes it does, average at best. in other words, no real impact.

    Average at best does not mean the story as a whole leaves no impact.

    Pig143 posted...
    When people are easily manipulated am i suppose to praise them
    My point is not everyone liked the story and some were swayed by the cheap tactic ending

    It's not a matter of giving praise; you're criticizing people who see the ending in a way you don't. And, clearly, not a lot of people agree with you.

    If Insomniac really wanted to play it safe, nobody close to Peter would have died.

    Pig143 posted...
    i used the thread to show that some people saw the story as not good aside from the ending
    Also those "two people" weren't that outnumbered in that thread like you make them out to be

    Yet it still wasn't a good sample size, considering there were at least 12 or more different posters, and most of them said nothing that aligned with your opinion. That made for a terrible example for you to use, and goes against the argument you are trying to debate.
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